Day #5 Katakolon, Greece The Gateway To Olympia

Today we will be going into Katakolon which is the gateway into Olympia. Many people will be taking excursions into Olympia but Veronica and I were not interested in doing that so we will be taking in the 3 main retail streets that make up Katakolon. We were supposed to be tendered in today but the winds are blowing pretty good out there so we had to tie up at the dock instead. We didn't stay in Katakolon for very long and returned back to the ship around 1245 hours. By the time we were walking back to the ship, the winds had really pick up and there were white caps on the waves in the harbor. When we got back to the ship, Veronica read and I took a nap. We ended up eating dinner at an Italian Restaurant and had an early night. We were told by by the Capt via an announcement that we would be in store for some rough weather tonight....winds up to 45 knots and swells up to 12-18'. This rough weather would last until 0200 hours or so but should be over with by tomorrow, which is a sea day. We will be sailing back to Venice at which time some of our fellow cruisers will be leaving us while others will be continuing on and new cruisers will be joining us.
Here are some photos that were taken during our brief visit into Katakolon:

It got real windy and choppy out

Another towel animal by our room steward Pepito

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