On The Final Leg Of Our Amazing Journey And Adventure

We got up early this morning for our final flight of this journey and adventures.
We caught a 7AM flight on Continental and were in Norfolk around 8-8:30.
After picking up our luggage, we were on our way home but not before a brief stop at the local Lens Crafters.
Just prior to our leaving for our vacation, I had bought a new set of glasses. I did not wear my new glasses until we started our vacation. Well they broke at the end of our vacation. If they were bound to break, the timing could not have been better. 
They actually broke on our last 2 sea days so I did not miss seeing any sights not did it hinder me from taking photos.
After dropping off the broken pair, picking out new stronger frames and arranging for them to mail me the new set of glasses(it is a 2 hour drive from our home to this place), we headed off for our 2 hour ride home.
By this time, both Veronica and I were really feeling poorly.
When we got home, we brought all our luggage and misc bags inside and I just laid them all on the floor.
Veronica and I then went to bed. It was around 2PM or so. Veronica wanted me to wake her up when I woke up.
I woke up around 6PM and tried to get Veronica up but she wanted to sleep a little longer so I ended up going back to bed too.
I did not get up until around 6AM the following morning.
Veronica was still asleep and she ended up sleeping and staying in bed the whole day and night and the following day and night.
It was a good thing that she took an additional day off.
I ended up putting all of our clothes and other items away...unpacking all of our luggage, and doing about 5 loads of wash.
The following day, Veronica had to drag herself out of bed and get back to work.
It took her about a week before she got to feeling better.
Unfortunately, we were back into our normal routine within a day or so of our return home.
Veronica and I had a fantastic time in Europe. It is something that will stay with us forever. Looking at the photos that we took, we still have a hard time believing that we were actually in Europe.
We have already started to dream about our next big adventure...maybe..Italy or France or Norway or Scotland or Ireland or a combination of any of them.
So many countries and too little time.
Thinking about all of those foreign adventures is what can keep a person going at times.
But I guess that is what dreams are for.
And I will keep on dreaming until the next adventure becomes a reality.
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