Update On Our House Renovation Project

Things have been moving along on our house renovation/remodel project.
Our carpet got put in last week and the materials needed for our new flooring have been delivered. This upcoming Monday the start of our flooring being installed will commence.
We also had the ugly greenish colored tile that was in our entryway was removed and replaced with a grayish in color tile.
After we finish getting the last big interior project done with having the flooring installed we then need to get the folks that helped us move stuff out and load up the POD unit that is in our driveway and have them unload the POD and bring everything back into the house.
Then the last project will begin....emptying all of the boxes and putting everything away where it belongs.
We will still have some other projects to deal with but they won't be anywhere as lengthy as what we have been going through.
We will be having a new roof installed along with gutters due to wind and hail damage and then in the Spring we will be having the front of our house painted.
Here are a few photos showing what we have got done and the pile of materials needed to complete our next project...flooring.

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