Out Looking At Holiday Lights

A couple of nights ago Veronica and I went out looking at various homes and the holiday lights they had put up. We found a few really nice ones. We will probably try to go out again this upcoming weekend to see more of them. Below are a few examples of what we saw along with one of our home decorations:

Added A Few Holiday Decorations To Our Home

We added a few additional holiday decorations to both the interior and exterior of our home. Here are a few photos showing what we did:

Decorating For The Holidays

It has been quite a long time since Veronica and I have been able to fully utilize all of our holiday decorations. This year we decided to go all out and we put just about everything we have out on display. So this last Saturday and 10 hours later..... 3 fully decked out trees with oodles of ornaments, 2 carpeted holiday floor mats, numerous wooden signs, numerous sized sleighs filled with various goodies, a mailbox, quite a number of stuffed Santas of all sizes, several other stuffed holiday animals and characters, various stockings hung, an assortment of decorative trucks loaded with trees and other holiday related items, several stuffed holiday pillows, several Jim Shore figurines had been pulled out of storage and put out for display. I am sure that I missed several unlisted things, both stuffed and otherwise. Somewhere in the mix must be a partridge in a pear tree. The home is definitely Holiday ready and we were definitely ready for a nap after we got everything up!!
Here are some photos of our holiday home decorations:


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