1st Port Of Call Is Dubrovnik, Croatia

This morning we slept in late. Our ship was not going to dock in Dubrovnik until 2pm, so we had plenty of time to relax before our arrival. 
Below is the MSC ship...the Opera

Some of the houses and sights along the coastline as we entered Dubrovnik

Saw this kayaker from our the walled Old Town location as we were looking down below

Statue as you enter the Old Town area. Dubrovnik is a Unesco World Heritage Site

A big public fountain as you enter the main street of the Old Town section of Dubrovnik

This street performer played just in front of the public fountain

Below are views of the pedestrian only main street of the Placa. This area is lined with shops and restaurants 

The Assumption Cathedral also known as St. Blaise church 

One of several fountains that we saw while visiting Dubrovnik

Some really nice architecture

A square with restaurants and outdoor vendors
Cool signage in Dubrovnik

St. Ignatius in Dubrovnik

We try to take a picture of our shoes/feet along with a manhole cover or other cover that has the name of where we have been. We try to do this with every place we go to.

Keeping a watchful eye on the tourists

The marina outside of the walled city

Back on the ship NCL employees are either painting the ship or cleaning the windows

As the sun slowly sets on Dubrovnik we are viewing what we thought would be an ordinary sunset but this one really surprised us and was beautiful. 

The sunset with a ferry coming into Dubrovnik

My attempts at some night time photography

The water in the Adriatic Sea is beautiful and so inviting. I am amazed by the welcoming color. I decided to try an experiment. As we were moving through the water, our large cruise ship churned out a pretty good wake. The following photos are of the wake coming from our cruise ship. I was on our 9th floor cabin balcony looking straight downward while taking these photos. Each wake and photo are unique. I thought that it would make a really cool piece of art or even better...have the design shown in any of these photos reproduced onto some type of fabric or maybe something sheer with this design on it...maybe a shawl or a scarf.  

Tomorrow is an "At Sea" day. We will be heading to the coastal city of Piraeus, Greece which is the gateway to Athens. We should arrive in Piraeus tomorrow morning, which is Tuesday 9/29 at approximately 7am

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