Canadian Vacation 2008 Day 10

Well, today was a rather slow day on the fishing front. I only caught 2 Northern Pike today. This morning it was really cold out and windy but by the afternoon it had warmed up and there was no breeze at all...the water was like glass which is not good for fishing. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Tonight Veronica and I helped out by cooking dinner for what few guests were here. There are only two guests ourselves and two guides along with one dockhand. I grilled steak and Veronica handled the rest of the meal. We are in the lodge now and are the only two here along with Dakota the camp dog. We turned down all the lights... seems surreal. Most of the new guests will not be coming in until tomorrow.

It is kind of interesting meeting people from all walks of life here. The majority of the people you meet here are very friendly. I would like to give a " shout out" to Taylor Linkous of Blacksburg Virginia. I hope you guys made it home safely. Taylor works for Linkous Auctioneers. Visit their link here .

Below are some photos I took this morning at around 6:30 as the sun was just starting to come up.
Until tomorrow I wish you tight lines and huge fish.

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