Mea Culpa

Lately I have been very neglectful in posting any blog entries.
Not sure why but I think laziness would probably be the best answer. I don't really think that anything blog worthy has been going on around here which would also feed into my temporary bout of laziness.
No matter what the excuse might or might not be, I will try to do better in the future.
I am still dealing with a very sore back. I am working on the second week since I threw it out reaching for that darn picture frame that I placed leaning against the wall on the floor.
Since then I have not been able to do any of my weight lifting routine at all.
Instead I am focusing on things I can do with minimal pain such as walking and riding my recumbent bike.
I spoke with my family doctor the other day and she referred me to a woman that does deep tissue massages.
Yesterday I had an appointment to see her and had my first ever massage.
It was different and at times rather painful.
This young Asian woman was great at what she did and found places on my body that I did not realize were all knotted up and tense.
After an hour of "torture" I was released to return home.
She suggested that I go to a Chiropractor to see if he could re-align whatever was out of alignment and hopefully take care of the problem that I have been having in the upper portion of my right leg for the past 8-9 months.
She felt that what was wrong with my leg was a nerve issue rather than a muscular one and that something in my lower back was causing the nerve to be "pinched".
I will call a local Chiropractor tomorrow morning and schedule a day and time to get worked on.
Also yesterday we had someone from Charter Communications to come out and put in a new upgraded modem for our internet service.
Charter has been upgrading their system for some time now and as part of their upgrade, they offer faster internet speeds.
Unfortunately we had an older modem that could not handle the upgrade in speeds and we had to get a new one.
Before getting this new modem, we noticed that we were losing internet connectivity quite often and we were running really slow on the internet too.
I had also been having problems with watching movies via Netflix which utilizes are our wireless setup.
So far so good and we are really moving around a lot faster on the internet now and after testing out Netflix, we are loading up movies rather quickly too.
As much as I dislike Charter Communications, they did a good job this time around.
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