Just Joined Pinterest

Veronica has been participating in what I would call a "sharing network" called Pinterest.
She talked me into joining. So what is Pinterest??? Pinterest is a web site that you can create "bulletin boards" that can comprise of almost anything that you want...likes, dislikes, travel, photography , favorite places and spaces, art, crafts...just to name a few.
Pictures/photographs are used to share your theme or ideas with others.
These pictures/photos are pinned onto your "board" and others can view them and re-pin them onto their board(s).
The whole idea is basically to be able to share  thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes with others using the pictures/photographs.
If people like what you are putting on your bulletin board, they can "follow you" and you can do the same if you like what someone else has pinned onto their board.
I created 2 boards on Pinterest....Travel, Photography and Favorite Spaces and Places. I am using many of the photographs that I have taken over the years and have decided on which board I want them to be on.
If you have a moment please stop by and take a look at my boards. Just click on the following link to get there....Follow Me on Pinterest

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