Sony Made Things Right For Us

After getting no where and extremely frustrated with Sony's Customer Service personnel, Veronica decided to do some checking on one of those huge social networking sites that she belongs to.
After doing some research, Veronica found one of the top people that run Sony and she decided to leave a message on his "wall" and after he accepted her as his friend and reading what she wrote, things began to happen rather quickly.
Within 24 hours, Veronica got a call from a Sony Supervisor in charge of Social Media and Post Sales Support and Promotions.
After exchanging a few emails, along with providing Sony personnel with a copy of our invoice from our broken cameras repair at Precision Camera, we were afforded several options.
One option was to trade our camera in for a new even trade with no additional money coming out of our pockets. Unfortunately I found the new camera being offered to us was less of a camera, as far as features are concerned, than the one we currently have.
I really didn't like the thought of trading down. I knew that if I did that, I would regret it for a long time.
The 2nd option was to upgrade to a better camera and apply what our camera was worth towards the purchase of a new camera. I knew that it was going to cost us a few dollars but the camera that we are getting is twice the camera that we currently have and we were getting it at a really great price. Although this new camera is a real upgrade, it still has many of the features that our current camera has and ones that we are familiar with. The learning curve to use the upgraded features should not be too steep since we are familiar with this style of camera.
What we decided on getting is the very recently released Sony Cyber-shot® Digital Camera DSC-HX100V
We are really excited about getting this camera. We should be able to preserve some great memories with this beauty.
It really is amazing at some of the things that this camera is capable of doing plus I really like the fact that it is a 16.2 mega pixel camera and has a 27mm  equivalent wide angle lens and 30x Optical Zoom lens...

•Focal Length (35mm equivalent) : Still 16:9: 29-870mm, Still 4:3: 27-810mm, Movie 16:9: 29-870mm (Standard mode), 30-900mm (Active mode), Movie 4:3: 36-1080mm (Standard mode), 37-1110mm (Active mode)
This is easily twice the capabilities of our old camera.

Although our initial contact with various customer service personnel was less than desirable, once we were able to get our issues to a higher authority and an upper level Supervisor, our outcome was a very satisfactory one for Veronica and I.  Thank You to those that made this positive outcome happen.
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