Life Has Turned Rather Hectic

I haven't written any blog entries lately due to so much that is currently going on in our lives. Veronica has been working on getting transferred to the Hampton Roads area so that we can live and be available should dad need our help. We will actually be really close to him since we will be moving into his home. We have been busy bringing load after load of our furniture on our weekly runs and visit to his home. I was taking him to physical therapy which he had 3 times a week but he has since stopped going because he is feeling much better. I also have been taking him most of the time to his dialysis appointments 3 times a week. Veronica has been giving me a few breaks on taking Dad to his dialysis. We both have taken him to the grocery store where he gets a good workout pushing the cart up and down each isle. Veronica loves baking him his goodies. We both cook for him...he loves his fish and then there is laundry. Lets just say that all of this is very time consuming but we would not have it any other way.
Since we will be downsizing from a 1500sf residence down to maybe a 600sf place we decided to have a garage sale at our place on the Outer Banks. Because Dad had so much stuff in the garage and around the house he asked us to go through it all and take with us whatever we thought would sell at our garage sale. So for the next 3 runs up to his place with pieces of our furniture in the back of our vehicle we unloaded our furniture into our new home and packed the back of our vehicle up with stuff for the garage sale. We ended up having 2 garage sales on back to back Saturdays. We kept a monetary tally of what Dads stuff sold for so we could give him his money from this garage sale.
Tonight we head back down to our place on the Outer Banks. Tomorrow morning I will start to pack up and box all of our belongings up in preparation for the movers to come. I talk as if we have the movers all picked and set up. I have one of the very few movers in our area coming in our place tomorrow to give us an estimate. The company that is coming in for the estimate is part of the Wheaton Moving Company chain.
We are hoping to have the movers pick our stuff up around 6/15 and by the next day we should be in our new home. Got a lot of things to get done between now and then so I am sure that our hectic lives will continue for a bit.
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