Todays Thought

It is not important the color of a man's skin
What is important, is that he is comfortable in it.

The Early Years Part #2

What are those early years without some very important people being involved.
Below is a picture of my Bubby and Zady. Zady was a watch repairmen by trade. I remember that he had a small watch repair shop in Hartford, CT. I would visit him once in a while in the city, while he was at work. Everytime I saw him there he would have one of those jewelers monocle at his eyes so that he could see what he was repairing. Every morning before going to work, my Bubby would pack him up a peanut butter and banana sandwhich on toast for his lunch...his favorite. Zady was an excellent gardener too. He would grow roses and especially dahlias. Zady was very hard to understand because he spoke with a very heavy slavic accent. Bubby was the nicest person that you would ever want to meet. She loved to cook.
Here is a picture of my other grandparents, Nana and Gramps. Nana and Gramps lived in New London, CT. They owned a furrier shop. Back in those days furs were very sought after, fashionable and a widely accepted garment or accessory. One of my memories of Nana was that she had diabetes and she would sneak a bowl of ice cream or something else that she knew she wasn't supposed to eat. When we would catch her "sneaking", she would have this cheshire cat-like grin on her face.
All of my Grandparents are gone and I miss them very much but my fond memories of them will stay with me always. Stay tuned for more of "The Early Years".

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