Garden Update and Home Renovation

My corn crop came in very early this year and wasn't as abundent as I had hoped. I did 3 varieties of corn. With the heat and humidity being really high and early in the year it took a toll on the crop. Below are photos of the last of my corn harvest. Next year I won't plant as early as I did this year plus I will only plant one variety of corn.
The tomato plants are doing ok and once I got the early blight issue under control I have had some pretty nice tomatos up to this point.
My sweet pepper plants are really looking nice. Good tall healthy plants with quite a number of sweet peppers on each plant. If they produce as well as the plants look, it will be a really good harvest throughout the season. I should have plenty of sweet peppers to pickle.
Veronica and I are starting our home renovation. By the time we get finished this place will look totally different.
I had to add more insulation in the attic areas and had some type of heavy duty bubble wrap on the attic walls that are on the other side of the actual room walls. This bubble wrap product is silver on one side and is supposed to keep the heat in the attic from penetrating through the walls and into the living areas of the home. Extra ventilation was also added.
Tomorrow we get 2 new whole house AC units and furnaces. Without AC it will make for a very hot day.
We have also started having the wallpaper removed from all of the rooms. There is a lot of wallpaper in this house and it is all getting taken down. It will most likely take 4 days to get the job done.
Bu the time we get finished we will have a new kitchen, updates bathrooms, new carpet, new flooring, new windows, new paint in the entire house and new appliances.
I will post photos as we progess through this renovation journey.
Here are photos of the last of my corn harvest:

Below is corn that is called Ruby Queen. It is some of the sweetest corn that I have ever had. Picked early this corn is very sweet but you can let it turn a darker red by leaving it for another week or so and it will still be sweet but not quit as sweet. The color is really cool too. 

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