Busy With Moving Preparations

I have been really busy the last several days preparing for our upcoming move. Even though the movers are doing a complete pack, there is still plenty to keep me busy.
I took all of our belongings out of the attic and put them in the garage.
Bought a bunch of extra large plastic bins with covers so that I can get a little more organized and have things all together, where I can actually find them when the time comes that I need them.
Been making lists of everyone that I need to call to notify them of our change of address.
Got our new phone number already and set up for the installation of our internet and cable services...the same company that has our telephone service. Been looking into changing our car insurance over to our new state.
This Monday I will be going with Veronica back down to OBX...she has some work related things to take care of and I will go back by our new residence to double check our window measurements just to make sure that we got the right size of drapes.
I need to measure our kitchen floor so that we can get a throw rug in there.
I will also be trying to get my NC drivers license while I am down there. Just a lot of things going on right now.
This moving stuff can sure be a little overwhelming at times...that's for sure.
At least my foot is starting to feel better. I keep working it and stretching everything...everyday it seems to get just a little better.
Hard to believe that in 4-5 weeks, we will be living on OBX. How cool is that!!!!
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