Day #6 Of Our 2016 Vacation And Cruise

Today was a sea day as were were on our way to our next port of call....Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Since we did not have any big plans while we on board, we ended sleeping until around 11AM. Basically we relaxed all day. Throughout the day I experimented with different camera settings while taking more Med Sea Art photos. So there I stood for a couple of hours hunched over the rail of our aft balcony watching our ships props churning up the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. And as the frothy foam swirled and danced below me I began to take photos. Because of the fluidity of the water each photo was totally different even if I held my camera in the exact same place. It was like I was taking photographs of fingerprints. Each one might have had a few similarities but in the end each was different and unique unto itself.

Tomorrow we will sail into Palermo, Sicily
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