A New Piece Of Travel Luggage

A few months ago I purchased a new camera and then a new lens to go with it. Then even more recently I bought an additional lens that would allow me to take much better low light photos. With all of this new equipment and the amount of travel that we take throughout the years, I decided to get a piece of luggage that would make it easier to carry my cameras and gear. I needed something that was relatively lightweight, water proof, something that I could carry on a plane but also something that would take a beating if I was unlucky enough to need to do a gate side check in.
What i ended up getting was a Pelican Air 1535 with padded dividers.
I was able to get everything into this piece of luggage and the dimensions fall in line with the airline size restrictions on carry on luggage.
Here are some photos of my new Pelican carry on luggage:

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