Followup On My Doctors Visit MRI Results

I am kind of behind on this blog entry. Life is full of "stuff" and sometimes you kind of get caught up in it all. Besides "stuff", I also had a cold for a little bit which also accounts for this late blog entry.
This last Tuesday I went to my doctor who had ordered an MRI for my problematic right knee. I had the MRI done about 10 days or so ago.
The doctor spent a solid 5 minutes flipping up the MRI sheets onto the light box. Each sheet had a good number of MRI pictures on them. After looking at each sheet he put them in 1 of 2 piles. I got the impression that 1 pile was the "good" pile and the second was the "bad" pile.
Upon looking them all over, he flipped a sheet on the light box and started to show me a few things that were wrong with my knee.
The doctor showed me where I had a torn meniscus on both the lateral and medial sides of my right knee.
Not exactly what I wanted to hear but kind of what I expected to hear. I had been down this road about 30 years ago when I lived in Lawrence, KS.
The good news was that there was no "water" or liquid on my knee that needed to be drained out and that because I was still able to move about with minimal pain, there is no rush to have my knee scoped out at this time.
The doctor told me that when I have had enough of my knee kind of doing its own thing, being unstable and at times seeming like it is going to completely go out from under me, to give him a call and he would schedule me for surgery.
So right now I am kind of in a holding pattern on the surgery thing.
Because it is still cold enough outside, I have been riding my recumbent bike for about 20 miles in the garage.
Other than a little tightening in my knee pit area, my knee has not started to revolt against least not yet.
The real test will be when it warms up and I try to go for those long walks that I enjoy in the warmer weather.
I will buy me a knee sleeve to help give the knee a little additional stability and see how it does. If I start having a lot of issues with it during these walks, I will then get the surgery done but I am hoping that it will hold up until after we return from our 14 day cruise that is in September.
I am sure that there will be lots of walking during the ports of call that we will be visiting and the worse case scenario would be for my knee to really act up or give out during this adventure.
Only time will tell how and when I will have the surgery done, but for now I will just keep on pedaling on my recumbent bike on a trip to wherever my imagination decides to take me. 
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