They Arrived!!! They Arrived!!!

The brown truck showed up this afternoon with the usual one honk of the horn.
Out of the truck popped the female UPS, wearing the usual brown in color uniform, holding a small plastic envelope in hand.
With the delivery made, off she drove into the sunset leaving behind nothing less than another wish of Veronica's that has come true. And maybe just a wee little bit of a wish of mine too.
Because within the confines of that plastic envelope are tickets to the Jimmy Buffett concert being held at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Virginia Beach on 5/26 at 8PM. Not only did I get her center stage box seats but also VIP Club Passes and VIP Parking.
Once again I want to thank Ryan Conrad who is the Director of Premium Seats for Live Nation at the Amphitheater, for his assistance in making this whole thing happen. 757-3683017.
And so for a few brief hours, Veronica and I will be transported from our ordinary lives, through the portal of our minds and our own personal tropical island complete with small waves gracefully rolling onto the soft white sand, plenty of umbrella drinks and of course hammocks swaying to the sweet musical beat of that free spirit who is known as Jimmy Buffett.
It will definitely be one of those "Calgon take me away" moments.
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