Is American Idol's Adam Lambert Gay???

I was just on AOL and was reading some of their news stories that they show on their site. I came across one about American Idol and Adam Lambert. The story had to do with whether Adam Lambert was gay or not and whether America was ready for a gay American Idol winner. I am not sure if you are Idol fans out there. I watch because I enjoy seeing the young talent out there and some of the singers are really good. I have watched Adam Lambert sing for several weeks and have always felt that he was one of the front runners to win the contest. I find it really offensive that anyone would even care about this young mans sexual preference. What has that got to do with anything. I don't think the show is called Straight American Idol or Tranny American Idol or Bi American is just American Idol...a singing contest for people from every walk of life. Color of skin, religious beliefs, sexual preference, gender....none of that has any place in this venue nor anywhere else for that matter. Personally, I find Adam Lambert to have great vocals and he is quite original when he puts his take on a song. Why can't we just keep Idol as it was intended to be...a showcase for up and coming vocal talent. Nothing more and nothing less.
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