Our 4th Day On Vacation In Paris, France

Today would end up being the most exhaustive and busy day that we had during our entire visit to Paris, France. We probably ended up walking approximately 10-12 miles. During the day we took the metro and went to the Arc de Triomphe, then walked the entire length of the Champ Elysees, then kept on walking to Grand Palais and the Palais de le Decouverte. From there we walked to the Place de Concorde (which had plenty of fountains and statues) and continued onto the Louvre. And if that wasn't enough that night we had combo tickets for a visit up to the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower and then a champagne cruise on the Seine River. We decided not to go up to the 3rd level of the Eiffel Tower even though it was part of our Combo ticket package. It was a very long day but one filled with gathering new memories along the way and lots of photographs.

 Photos of the Arc de Triomphe

 This was me before the wild shopping spree

Champ Elysees  

I got some macaroons here

There was a long line of people waiting to go in. It was crazy.

There were security guards checking people and allowing a certain number of people in at one time

Here I am after the wild shopping spree. 
The girl in the below photo was a scam artist. she walked up to us while we were walking. She bent down next to us and stood up and showed us a gold mens ring that I must have dropped. I quickly showed her my wedding band and she scurried off rather quickly only to be seen doing the exact same thing with someone else that was walking ahead of us.There was a lot of this type of behavior going on while we were in Paris.

A monument of Charles de Gaulle

 Champs Elysees


Below are phos of the Place de Concorde

Below are photos of Jardine des Tulleries


I guess this guy is the landscaping goat used for keeping the grass low 

Were are heading towards the Louvre

Below are photos of the Louvre

 Heading to the Eiffel Tower for our tour and our champagne cruise on the Seine River

Below are 2 very well known restaurants

Below are several photos of the Eiffel Tower

So Veronica want to get photos of us together...between her and I holding the camera at arms length and trying to get the Eiffel Tower in the background...lets just say that I wasn't being of much help getting a good photo of us...cutting off the Eiffel Tower

Cutting off the top of the Eiffel Tower again
 My head getting in the way and blocking the Eiffel Tower

My head really getting in the way this time

and again....

I finally decided that enough was enough...no way was my head going to get in the way this time...perfect shot

Night time views of the Eiffel Tower


Night time views of  the Seine River

A music playuers silhouette on the banks of the Seine River
 Notre Dame

The long walk home on the backs of the Seine River

This is the ceiling of one of the bridges

Here we are on the elevator going up to the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower


Architectural views of the Eiffel Tower

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