Photos From Our Budapest And Prague Adventures Part #2

This is Part #2 of Veronica's and my adventures when we went to Budapest and Prague in September of this year.

 Below are photos from the Great Market Hall...2 stories on the outer indoor walls.
Various food, vegetables, spices, meat and bakery items to name just a few on the 1st level. Souvenirs, Hungarian  made items, clothes etc on the 2nd level.

 Budapest- Keleti Railway Terminal

Some of the cool restaurants and ruin bars

 This is the Italian restaurant that we ate at 2 was really good

 On our 2nd day in Budapest we woke up and went to this Cat Cafe, which was the first time I had ever seen such a place much less been in one. It was ALL about the cats. The cats were everywhere and the whole place was designed for cats. The cats definitely ruled the roost in this place. Veronica even had a Cat-puccino with cat paw prints in the froth. We spent over an hour there and I took several hundred photos of the "queens"

 This little beauty reminded me so much of a miniature lion. I took a lot of photos of this magnificent feline.


 This vintage bus turned RV was parked in front of our hotel and the interior was renovated beautifully in a vintage style

This will conclude part #2 of our time spent in Budapest
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