My American Cancer Society Relay For Life Personal Web Page And My Donation For The Raffle

I now have my own personal web page on the American Cancer Society Relay For Life of the Outer Banks, NC web site.
Below is the link to that American Cancer Society web page. If you would like to make a donation, which goes directly to the American Cancer Society, just click on the below link and then look for the "donate" button.
There are also other links for you to explore information about our team Maxxinistas For Life. It is not exactly the manly name for a team that I would have chosen but it is for a good cause and that is what is important.
Please feel free to donate using this online feature. You can make a donation using your PayPal account, credit cards or by check.
Any and all donations will make a difference in someones life. So please, won't you donate a dollar or two to this great cause.
On behalf of people all over the country, where this disease has had an impact on their lives...I would like to send you my sincerest appreciation and say "THANK YOU".
Below is the brand new Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Disney World Sorcerer Mickey Ladies watch that I have donated for one of the several raffles that we will be conducting. Only 5000 of these watches were made and this one is numbered 2543. I purchased this watch in 1997.

Medical Update

Veronica and I got up early again this morning and headed up to Norfolk, VA.
I had an appointment to see my Oncologist, so that we could get the results of the last 2 procedures that I had done along with the results of several blood test and a urine test.
All of my test came back as either being normal or no change since the last test or procedure was done. There is no bone cancer nor metastasis in my body.
I ended up giving some more blood so that they could run an additional PSA test.
With these recent findings, my Oncologist strongly suggested that I have a Prostate Biopsy done to get a more definitive answer as to what is occurring in my body. This test should be able to tell me whether I have prostate cancer, prostatitis or if my Mast Cell disease is effecting my Prostate. Depending on what the biopsy findings are will dictate what direction I need to go from that point.  
My Oncologist gave me the name of 3 of his top rated Urologists in the area. I will be reviewing their medical history and background and from there I will make a decision as to whom I will be allowing to perform the Prostate Biopsy on me. Not something I am looking forward to at all, but this is unfortunately the only way we will know with any level of certainty what I have.
I really hate being backed into a corner with no viable options other than to have this procedure done.
I could decide not to do it but if something is going on and I wait until years later to find out about it, it could very well be too late to take care of it with the outcome being on a positive note. 
I will have to decide by Monday as to which Urologist I decide upon and then make contact with him, so that I will feel comfortable with him doing the procedure. Plus I want to make sure that whoever does it will not just use a local anesthesia compared to what I want, which is a general anesthesia. Not doing general anesthesia as I want would be a deal breaker.
More info to follow.
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