Canada Bound

I just checked the calendar and counted the days...only 23 days and a wake up until Veronica and I leave for our annual migration up to Andy Myers Lodge on Eagle Lake, in Ontario Canada. I will have to cram 2 weeks of fishing into one week this year. I am hoping to get my trophy fish in 3 fish species...musky, walleye and northern pike. Opposite of what I have been doing in years past, I will be downsizing some of the lures that I will be using to catch some of these fish. I found out that the larger bladed bucktails were giving my old joints and back fits so this year downsizing is in order. If I fished with the larger bladed bucktails everyday, my body would get used to it but when you only throw these baits once a year, it can be quite the shock to the body. I am hoping that one of these days, I will be in a location where I can fish daily for these types of fish. It will be great to get away for a week and I know Veronica could sure use the break after the last 5 weeks of punishment that she has taken over the whole store remodel. Hopefully I will have some great photos and stories to share with everyone.
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