Upcoming Canada fishing trip

After looking at the calendar, it dawned on me that Veronica and I only have about 10 weeks until we make our yearly journey up to Andy Myers Lodge on Eagle Lake in Canada. This is the trip that we both look forward to all year long. During the off season I bought quite a few new lures specifically for musky fishing. Below are a few pictures of just a small portion of the lures that I bought during the Winter months. Besides what is shown, I also purchased some 16" Grunts for trolling and a bunch of Bulldawgs. With the new fees that the airlines are charging for over weight luggage, it becomes quite a chore trying to pack everything up and still keep the weight under 50 pounds. I usually start early packing the gear up just to see where we are at on weight, yet making sure that we can bring everything. It gets to be quite the challenge. Each year that we have gone up the Andy Myers Lodge, I have bought and brought more tackle and lures...you know...all of that fishing stuff that us guys just can't do without. Each year I say that I don't need anything else but yet I always seem to end up at the same place...trying to make sure that all of my newly purchased gear makes it in the suitcase. I am very lucky and thankful in the fact that I am able to keep my gear at the house of a good friend of mine, who lives near Eagle Lake. This way I don't have to worry about bringing it all back each year. That would cost us a small fortune with the weight and extra baggage charges. One of these days Veronica and I might live up North, close enough to drive to Andy Myers Lodge and Eagle lake. Then we would not have to deal with the airlines at all and we could drive up there. Hopefully that will happen one of these days. Until then, I will have to keep my luggage scale close by.

Fishing Gear

Here we have some Maribou Bucktails. Starting from the top we Cochran Tackle Bou Bling which is 13" long, then a Musky Mojo Triple X and a couple of Shumway Giant Flashers.

Here we have some more Shumway Flashers.

Fishing Gear

Here are some Bucktails. They are modified Spankybaits that I added a tail to so that they would have a larger profile.

Here we have a Musky Mania Turbine and a Buchertail.
More modified Spanky Baits.

Extra Large Treble Hook Bonnets/Covers

Here are several Grandmas that I purchased in various color patterns. I had a really hard time finding hook bonnets large enough to cover the size of the treble hooks that are on some of these lures. After searching high and low and everywhere on the internet, I could only find one place that sold these extra large bonnets....a place in Australia. These X-Tra (Extra) Large treble hook bonnets will cover hooks sized from 1/0 - 3/0. These are much bigger than the ones sold at either Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas. I decided to stock up on these bonnets due to the trouble that I had finding and then getting them. I have been asked several times, where I got these large treble hook bonnets. It has been a couple of years since I got these hook bonnets. I tried to find my reciept for the purchase of these bonnets so that I could get the name of the tackle store that I got them from. Unfortunately I could not find it. I also did an extensive Google search using different word variations to locate the company on line. This turned up negative results. If I ever locate them again, I will post it on this blog. I FOUND THEM-
I just located the online store where I purchased the EXTRA large size treble hook bonnets. I purchased them from an online tackle store called Billfish Tackle Supply. Here is there Web Site : http://www.billfishtacklesupply.com/Hooks/mustad.htm#44
They are $2.95 for a package of 10.

More Fishing Gear

Various lures in various lengths.

Here we have a couple of Savage Gear Butch lures. I am looking forward to trying these lures out.

Here is a 13" Believer.
3 Creek chub lures.
All of my lures and some of my reels got packed up. Because of the new changes and fees that the airlines are charging, I had to weigh the suitcase out and make sure that it was under 50 pounds. Final weight on this suitcase was 45 pounds. I wanted to make sure that I allowed some weight for any discrepancies in the scale that I was using.

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