It's A Bird - It's A Plane- No It's A Blimp

Early yesterday evening I was laying in bed watching some television when something caught my eye that was outside of our bedroom sliding windows. There was a fairly decent sized white blimp floating up in the sky. I scurried downstairs to grab my new Sony camera so that I could take a couple of photos and a video of this blimp slowly moving across the sky. In my excitement to get outside and take the photos and video, I forgot something important. After taking the photos and video and seeing the blimp leave the area, I looked down at the camera and noticed that the lens was all fogged up. We keep this camera in a case in our first floor computer room.It is fairly cool down there. At least compared to the heat and humidity that is outside. I did not even think about the change in temperature and the effect that would have on the glass camera lens. Although the photos and video are far from perfect, they are much better than what I thought they would be, especially with all of the condensation on the lens. I will have to be more careful next time.

If you look real close you can see the little wheels that are underneath the blimp and a small flag in the back. There is also a long tethering rope hanging down from the front of the blimp. You can click on each photo to enlarge them.
I decided to play with the photo a bit. I went into my Corel Paint Shop Pro and changed a few aspects of each photo.
If you enlarge the photo below, you should be able to see the long tether line hanging down from the front of the blimp.

If you look closely you will be able to see the flag blowing on the back end of this blimp.

Today Was A Good Day

This morning I received a return call from my Urologists office.
I received some great news....I don't have prostate cancer.
This last several months have been quite the drain on Veronica and I. It seemed like every time we turned around another doctor was telling me that I might have some sort of cancer. This didn't happen with just one doctor but several doctors in several different medical fields.
It turned into one big mind game...I don't know why but for some reason doctors seem to throw these words out there without having any real medical proof that a person actually has this disease. That's what I heard a lot of over the last several might have this or it kind of looks like that...on and on it went. No matter what I want to call it or how I feel about the way the last several months have gone down, the latest news was great and very well received.
Now with that issue out of the way, I will start getting things set up so that I can get some work done on my lower back....which is the real culprit to all of my upper leg, hip and groin pain and problems. Those issues have been going on for about 1 1/2 years now and with my prostate now being cleared of any wrongdoing or involvement in those issues, it is time to move on and address my back problems.
I sure hope my falsely accused and innocent prostate doesn't hold anything against me as far as what it has been recently put through. Sorry there Mr. Prostate. I hope that you will forgive me.

Our Planned Adventure For 2012

A while back I had reported that Veronica and I were going to take a cruise that included Venice and several Greek isles.
Since that time our plans have changed. Actually there were a couple of cruise changes before we settled into one that we really wanted.
On 9/16/2012, Veronica and I will be sailing on the NCL Sun for a 14 day cruise that takes us to several different locations.
We will be flying into Copenhagen a day before we embark on the ship. That first day and night in Copenhagen we will be visiting the Tivoli Gardens. This is a place that we had not seen the last time we were in Copenhagen...this was when we were on our Baltic Capitals cruise last year.
Veronica and I enjoyed our last visit to Copenhagen, so we decided to spend a day there before the actual cruise.
We will be staying at a hotel that is within walking distance of Tivoli Gardens.
We had heard that Tivoli Gardens is especially nice at night when everything is all lit up.
Here is a link to the TripAdvisor web site that has a lot of information about Tivoli Gardens. There are also a lot of photos that you can view... Tivoli Gardens and here is another Google site that has nothing but photos of Tivoli Gardens... Photos
The following day, we will be boarding the Norwegian Cruise Line Sun to start our adventure.
If you remember, the NCL Sun is the same ship that we were on when we went on our Baltic Capitals Cruise last year.
While we were on the ship last year, we took the opportunity to look at a couple of inside staterooms and found them to be rather spacious...all things consider. Definitely big enough for Veronica and I.
The interior staterooms are also less expensive than most other cabin categories.
Although I will miss having a balcony or even a window to look out of, we couldn't beat the price that I was able to get this cabin for.
Also by getting a less expensive cabin it allows us to go on more cruises. We have a fantastic adventure and cruise in mind for 2014. There will be more on that one in the future, once I get things a little more formalized.
Plus we aren't in our cabin that much during the cruise...mainly to sleep.
If we want to watch the sights go by, we can just go up to the observation deck and hang out up there...plenty of comfy seats to lounge in.
I was able to get a military veterans discount. All I need to do is bring a copy of my military discharge form and show it to them when we initially check in for our cruise.
Below is the itinerary that we have during this cruise:
Day Port Arrive Depart
Sun: Copenhagen ---- 5:00 PM
Mon: At Sea ---- ----
Tue: Bergen, Norway 8:00 AM 7:00 PM
Wed: Alesund, Norway 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
Thu: Lerwick, Shetland Islands 10:00 AM 5:00 PM
Fri: Thorshavn, Faroe Islands 4:00 AM 5:00 PM
Sat: At Sea ---- ----
Sun: Reykjavik, Iceland 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Mon: At Sea ---- ----
Tue: At Sea ---- ----
Wed: Glasgow Scotland 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Thu: Dublin Ireland 8:00 AM 5:30 PM
Fri: At Sea ---- ----
Sat: At Sea ---- ----
Sun: Copenhagen 7:00 AM ----

NCL has already started listing excursions for each port of call.
Veronica and I have gone over all of the excursions that are currently listed and for the most part we will be venturing out on our own and not taking any formal excursions except for one.
While we are in Reykjavik, there is an excursion that is geared towards photographers. This excursion is day long one and they will be taking us to many different locations that stand out for their photogenic beauty and interest. They will be taking us to places that most of the tourist never see. This will probably be one of the many highlights of this trip.
I will have more info on this adventure as we get closer to the sailing date.

Nautical Cities - Cruise Ship Tickers

One Year Anniversary

Yesterday was the one year Anniversary of the passing away of my friend Barry.
Barry provided me with humor, insight and inspiration through his writings on his blog. I still think of Barry fondly and often. Here is a link to Barry's blog....
An Explorer's View Of Life

Barry's' wife Linda let us know of Barry passing in this entry on Barry's' blog:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am sorry to share this post tonight with all of you. Barry passed away at noon today. His breathing became very laboured and after they gave him several medications for pain, he stopped breathing.

Sometimes during a war, the General dies on the battlefield. It doesn't mean the battle is lost, it could mean the General won the war but lost his life trying. That is the stuff heroes are made of.

Barry did not loose his battle with cancer today. The cancer is dead and gone forever now. Barry however, will always live on in our hearts. I consider Barry a hero, not a person who has lost anything.

On the Saturday closest to April 3rd every year our family will meet at a local bookstore and celebrate "Buy a book for Grandpa Day" and we will all buy a book in Barry's memory.

Thank you for all of your love and support. Barry really did enjoy blogging and he looked forward to sharing all of your comments.

Barry Edward Fraser April 3, 1943 to July 20, 2010. Rest soundly, my love.

Barry might be gone but he is never forgotten.

Follow Up on My Prostate Biopsy

I had my biopsy done this last Monday and today is Friday. Yesterday I started my walks again and got in 9 miles with no problems.
Today I did a 5 mile walk and then I started back on my weight lifting.
I experienced some fatigue while doing my weightlifting but I don't know if it was caused by the procedure or the heat/humidity or a combination of everything.
Other than the fatigue, I have experienced no ill effects caused by the biopsy and for the most part, I escaped the procedure pain free...except for a bit on the day of the actual procedure and the morning after.
I decided not to push things too much and have opted out of my usual 4 mile walk this afternoon.
The heat index is way up there...around 110 degrees f. With everything going so well from the biopsy, the worst thing I could do is push everything and cause an unneeded issue.
I will take it one day at a time and slowly build up to where I was prior to the biopsy.
The only thing left that is biopsy related is to get the results of the biopsy.

The Day After

Last night I had some pain from my Prostate Biopsy. The level of pain was what I would call moderate.
I was fine after taking a pain pill and had no problems throughout the course of the night.
Since having the biopsy procedure completed, I have urinated several times and I have had one bowel movement.
Of course these major earth shattering events are not usually something that is considered blog worthy, at least on this blog. I mention it only to let inquiring minds know that I observed no blood in my urine and no blood has been observed in my bowel movement. I was kind of pleasantly surprised with no blood being visible at all. Truly a reason to celebrate...WOO HOO!!!!!!!
Now that the celebrating is very minimal pain. I seem to be getting more pain from the issues caused by my back than those that might be caused by the biopsy and those back and leg pains are a daily issue with me.
As soon as I get the all clear from the results of this biopsy and get the radiologist official results from my most recent round of back x rays, I will be contacting a local chiropracter/spine type of doctor and start getting my back and legs issues resolved.
I plan on taking it easy today.
No long walks and definitely no lifting.
I will probably make a post office run and then I might clean our bedroom.
Depending on how I feel tomorrow I might try to go for a walk.
I will have to wait and see but so far so good..

The Day In The Life Of A Prostate Gland

Last night I spent about 2 hours dealing with a Fleet enema.
The enema was needed to clean out the lower part of my bowel so that the chances of infection would be less after my prostate biopsy.
As a result of the enema and because my anxiety level for this procedure was rising quickly, I did not end up getting to sleep until around 11.30PM.
Unfortunately our alarm clock started chirping around 5AM.
Let me tell does not get any better than getting up at 5AM, laying on the cold bathroom floor with a couple of bath towels beneath you and waking up to a nice warm Fleet enema.
I doubt if Jimmy Buffett has it this good.
Because of my concern about getting cleaned out well...I ended up doing the enema about 5 times.
I wonder if they have a word for someone that has a phobia about getting an infection in their bowel or least a word other than crazy or lunatic.
I was originally planning on doing the one enema and then getting back in bed for a few additional minutes of sleep.
Obviously that plan went out the window after the 5 fill up.
It was then shower time.
Before I knew it, Veronica was up and in the bathroom getting ready for our 2 hour drive into Virginia Beach.
I asked her what time it was and she said it was around 6:15-6:20. We had planned on leaving around 6:45. Man times flies when you are having several enemas.
Thought #1 guys...give yourself plenty of time for preparation for the biopsy. Those enemas take time and you want to make sure that it all gets out of you before you do any traveling to your doctors office or the procedural location.
Last thing you will want is an accident.
Thought #2..bring a change of clothes anyways. You know that old saying that 'shit happens"...well nothing is worse or more embarrassing than it happening all over yourself while you are in a vehicle and your wife or significant other is driving.
Veronica and I arrived in Virginia Beach just a little early. This allowed us some time to run just a few errands before heading to the hospital where the biopsy was to occur. Thought #3...keep busy and occupied so that your mind will hopefully be on other things besides the upcoming procedure.
We arrived at the hospital with plenty of time to spare. I signed and initialed the usual medical paperwork, got my official medical wristband and had a seat in the small waiting room.
So here I was with Veronica, sitting in the waiting room getting more and more anxious and nervous as the moments went by.
I ended up playing Slingo on Veronica's Ipod.
Here is a 56 year old male with a medical wristband who is awaiting his Prostate Biopsy and he is playing Slingo. Quite the sight to see but like I said in thought #3 guys...keep yourself busy and mentally occupied.
Unfortunately they were running a little prostate biopsy pun intended.
It was around 10:20 that I got my official call and welcoming in to room number 2, which is where my biopsy took place.
The nurse that took my vital signs was very compassionate and friendly and took my prostate biopsy humor in style.
I was told to remove everything from my waist down but I was told that I could leave my boxers and shorts around my ankles if I wanted. Because that is not really my fashion style, I decided not to go that route and removed those items completely reverting back to my true fashion style...caveman. I did leave my socks on...must have been one of the security blanky things.
I was then told to lay on my left hip with my hiney sticking out just over the side of this procedural table/bed and was given one of those paper gowns just to lightly place over my body.
The nurse then took quite a bit of time going though everything that would be occurring in a step by step fashion. She showed me the wand that would be inserted, the biopsy needle unit that slides into the wand unit, the actual noise that the biopsy needle unit makes when taking a biopsy sample,..a clicking sound the syringe and long thin tube that the lidocaine goes through when giving me the local. The syringe unit also slides into the wand that is inserted into the rectum.
Now for the wand. It is approximately 1 - 1 1/2 inch in diameter and is tapered.
After being lubed up well, this wand was inserted approximately 4 inches into my rectum.
My doctor was great. He kept talking to me and was explaining each and every move that was going on so that I would be more relaxed...which was not really happening during the procedure.
I forgot to mention that I had taken 1/2 of a xanax pill about 1/2 hour prior to the procedure and it seemed to be enough to take my anxiety down a notch or two but didn't know me out not make me so groggy that the doctor might be reluctant in doing the procedure.
Thought #4...drugs react to each person differently so if you are taking something to relax you, be careful not to go overboard. Nothing worse than going through all of the preparation work, along with all of the stress and anxiety involved that leads up to the actual procedure and then have the doctor cancel and re-schedule your procedure because you self medicated too much. Believe don't want that to happen.
I noticed that it was rather cool in the room but I felt really warm...almost to the point of breaking out in a sweat.
After taking the time to explain the whole procedure to me and taking my vitals, first nurse left and then the doctors nursing assistant arrived in the room. She would be the one staying in the room during that actual procedure.
My doctor arrived in the room in short order and he also took the time to explain everything to me.
He also advised me that he would do a countdown from the number 3 each time that he would be taking a biopsy sample and I would hear a click and feel a pressurized type of sticking feeling each time a biopsy sample was being taken.
After inserting the wand into my rectum, he started to move it around a bit which felt like pressure on my prostate. I was equating what he was doing as getting a "lay of the land". He was looking on a ultra sound type of television screen which showed him live images of my prostate and surrounding areas.
The doctor told me that I my prostate was rather large. Actually he stated that it was a "citation" prostate. Anyone in Virginia that catches a fish that is over a specified and official size get what they call a citation...a certificate that honors the person that caught the fish and the large size of said fish that was caught.
I asked the doctor that because my prostate was rather large, if the results turned out negative for prostate cancer, would it be wise to get some medication that would shrink my prostate. He told me that unless I was having difficulty urinating or that I was urinating very frequently during the night, shrinking my prostate would not be all that necessary.
I do have problems urinating at times...not a constant thing and I do get up usually once and sometimes twice a night to urinate. The night time urination is most likely due to the amount of liquids that I drink right up until my time top go to sleep.
After getting a good look around via the inserted wand, it was time for my local to get administered.
I was given 2 "shots" of lidocaine which was delivered via the syringe and long thin tubular device that had been inserted into the wand.
I was given the official countdown from the number 3 and felt a pin prick type of brief sting as the lidocaine was administered. The doctor the moved the wand around to another location of the prostate and another countdown was given for the next shot of lidocaine.
It was at this time that something happened that gave me a bit of a scare.
After giving me the 2 locals, I got this flush feeling coming over me and all of a sudden my face and especially my mouth area started getting numb. I verbalized what was going on to the doctor and I am sure that he could read the concern in my facial expressions.
I actually thought that I was going to black out for a minute there.
It was a feeling that I have never felt before. I have felt flush before but this was a lot different and that why I got somewhat concerned.
My doctor told me that this type of reaction occurs with a few patients.
As time passed this feeling slowly subsided.
It also should be noted that once the wand is initially inserted into the rectum, it stays there until the procedure is completed, which was probably around 10-12 minutes for the whole procedure from start to finish.
Prior to getting this procedure done, I had thought that they would take 6 biopsy samples all at one time...with one click of the biopsy needle until and then another click for the other 6 biopsy samples.
As it turns out, each sample gets taken on its own and comes with the countdown and accompanying clicking sound coming from the biopsy sample unit.
After taking a biopsy sample, the doctor moved the wand around to another on the prostate for the next sample to be taken.
After several minutes, which seemed a lot longer, my doctor stated that this would be the last sample taken and with that final click coming from the biopsy sample unit, my prostate biopsy procedure was completed.
The doctor left the wand inserted and was putting pressure on various areas on my prostate, where the samples were taken. He kept the pressure on my prostate for several minutes. This was done to stop or slow any internal bleeding that might be occurring because of trauma to the prostate.
I was allowed to sit up on the table after a few minutes of relaxing, then allowed to stand up and get dressed.
Before leaving the area my doctor told me that we would have the biopsy results in about a week or so but if I did not hear back from him in 2 weeks, that I should give his office a phone call.
My doctor also told me that if the results were good and nothing bad noted, that I could go back and see him in about 6 months but if something bad showed up in the samples, then he would give me a referral to see one of his compatriots that deal with those that have prostate cancer.
I was also given details as far as what to expect after having this procedure done.
It is possible that I could have some rectal bleeding and that there could be some blood in my urine.
If this bleeding continued for several days and/or is really heavy, I should get back with my doctor or if I get a fever/chills and other signs of an infection, I might be told to go to the hospital if needed.
I am to continue taking my Cipro to fight off the chance of infection but only take it for another day or so.
The aforementioned issues, along with any pain or discomfort that I might feel, should go away in a matter of days...3-5 with 7 being the least usually. I have read that these issues usually only last a couple of days.
I will let everyone know how these issues are going as the days go by.
Another issue that would most likely occur would be some blood in my semen/ejaculate. I was told that it would start off being red in color and as time goes on, the color could turn to brown.
The doctor told me that this was not harmful to neither myself nor my partner should I be sexually active.
Thought #5...out of thoughtfulness and caring for your sexual partners emotional well being, I would strongly advise that you get a package of condoms to use when you become sexually active again after this procedure and continue using them until everything in this issue returns to a normal color. Last thing you need is to put your significant other in an emotional state where the discoloration is something that is embedded in their memory banks especially if you want to have future sexual interactions with this person.
After I returned home, I stayed up for a little bit and then went to bed and slept for a while.
Tomorrow I will be taking it easy too.
On Wed, depending on how I am feeling, I might try to take a walk. I might have to build up the number of miles I can do depending on how I am feeling.
I definitely do not want to push things to far to fast. The sooner I heal up, the sooner I can get back to my "normal' life routine.
Right now the pain level is not too bad but I am taking some pain medication and will over the next few days until everything settles down a bit.
After I get through the healing process on this, I will need to find a local spine doctor to help me out with my back issues.
I have noticed that after I had that bout of extreme leg pain while Veronica and I were in Orlando, the inside of my upper right leg from the inside groin/thigh area down to almost my knee, is about 65% numb. the numbness runs in an area about 3-4 inches wide. Not sure what is going on but seems logical that there was some type of nerve damage done during that really painful event while we were at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando.
More info will follow over the next couple of days. a question about an upcoming Prostate Biopsy...drop me an email and I will give you honest and straight forward answers.

Preparation For My Prostate Biopsy Has Begun

Well ...."that" day is almost upon me.
"That" day being the day of my Prostate Biopsy and is officially tomorrow at 10AM.
Yesterday I started taking my Cipro, which which is to combat any chances of infection from the procedure.
I was told to start the Cipro on the day of the procedure but I figured that it couldn't hurt to get a head start on the medication.
I am supposed to do a Fleet enema in the morning prior to us leaving for the 2 hour drive to the location where the procedure will occur.
I have decided to do a Fleet enema tonight and then another one around 6 AM tomorrow morning. I am doing an extra one not because I enjoy such things but because I would rather be as clean as possible in the bowel area the procedure will be taking place. At least that is my thought process. I am doing everything possible so hopefully I won't get any type of infection from the procedure.
I will be taking a change of clothes with me too. Not that I expect any accidents to happen on our way home but I would rather be safe than sorry.
Because the doctor does not give his patients anything to relax them prior to the procedure, I will be self medicating about 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the procedure. My relaxation drug of choice will most likely be Xanax. My other possible choice would be Valium. Even though Xanax would be used for the stress relief and to calm me down, the Valium would be for the pain during the procedure. Because I will be getting a local during the procedure, I shouldn't need any pain medication until after the procedure, if any is needed at all.
I am not sure that I will take a whole pill. I mainly want to take just enough to relax me and take the nervous edge off of the situation. So I figure a half a pill will do.
I am glad that there is not a lot of prep work needed for this procedure.
It is quite different from the prep work that I went through for my colonoscopy.
I can even have a light breakfast if I choose to.
So my biopsy journey and story officially has begun and I will give step by step details for those who might be facing the same procedure as I am.

19th Annual Pasadena Chalk Festival

A while back I wrote a blog entry about the artistic creations by the "Chalk Guy"
I just came across this information that I found in one of those magazines that they have in the seat pockets on various airlines.
For the last 19 years, Pasadena, CA has been having a sidewalk chalk festival.
This event is held every June 18th and 19th and this years event attracted more than 600 artist from around the Golden State and beyond.
Some 25,000 sticks of chalk are used to artistically beautify the courtyards of Pasadena's Paseo Colorado, an upscale outdoor mall that covers 3 city blocks.
The 2010 festival broke the Guinness World Record for the largest display of chalk art in a single location.
They even have a special area for the younger artists called Kids Chalkland.
To see the winners of this years festival, please visit....

My Back XRay

Here is a copy of one of the xrays that were taken of my back a couple of days ago.

I was going to make this xray my computer monitors background but I figured that if I did that, my monitor might fall of my desk top sideways and hurt itself.

Finally Answers For My Leg Issues

Yesterday Veronica and I took the long drive into Virginia Beach so that we could go back to see our old family doctor.
His office had moved from a very convenient location to an area that has many more medical professionals and thus 10 times the amount of traffic and a much further and less desirable location as far as driving was concerned.
I was finally going to make all attempts to find out what was going on with my right leg issue. I felt that it had to do with my long standing lower back problems but lately many other doctors felt that it might have something to do with any prostate issues that I might have.
After currently finding no direct link from my prostate to my leg issues, I figured that after 16 months of on and off pain, it was time to finally find out what the real issue might be.
That feat was accomplished by a procedure as simple as a set of back xrays.
My doctor showed me my newly taken xrays and the films showed several issues.
Some of which was a rather pronounced curvature of the spine but not so much seen from a side view but from a straight on front view of the spine...basically my spine was bent sideways with a pronounced bow in it and then it continued to straighten up somewhat as it moved higher towards my upper torso and neck.
A side view showed narrowing of some of the spaces between my vertebrae, some of the vertebrae kind of twisted and others were not aligned and either sticking out further than the others or somewhat pushed back further than the others.
There is also some degenerative disc stuff going on also.
I had the written results from a lumbar spine xray series that was done back in 2007 and hopefully they will be able to locate those xrays and compare them to what we were currently looking at.
It will be interesting to see the written comparison between the two xray results to see how things have progressed over the last 4 years.
My doctor prescribed me some pain medicine but would not give me any type of anti inflammatory because he said that it would not help with the issues that I had going on.
He strongly suggested that I go to a chiropractor/physical rehab place and let them work on the issue to relieve some of the pain issues that I had going on. He said that they could also show me techniques that I could use at home to stretch and make my back work better than what it was.
The doctor even burned a copy off of my xrays while we were there so that I could take them with me and show whoever I got to work with me on my back.
Once I get the official results of the xrays, I will share them with all.
I had already started my online search for a local physical therapist/sports rehab/chiropractic/spine specialist in our area. So far I have found a few possibilities. I really don't want to travel the 2 hour one way drive to find someone in Virginia Beach when there might be someone qualified locally.
Unfortunately I won't be able to actually go to anyone until after my prostate biopsy is finished.
Once that is completed, I will once again be free to move about the cabin...sorry...bad airline humor there.
That is still scheduled for 8:30AM on Monday, 7/18. I will be reporting the complete aspects of that procedure after it occurs of course. No live reporting on that one. Yeah I really feel ripped off.
If a person can report on a Colonoscopy live on TV, why can't I do it on my Prostate Biopsy.
Sorry...just not going to happen but believe me, no one out there will need to "probe" me for details about the procedure.
Sorry again...just some poor Prostate Biopsy humor.
Actually I am sure that there will be at least one person out there in Readerville that will need this procedure done sometime in the future.
I would rather you hear what it was really like from someone like me, than read about it in some sterile medical procedure article. Hey folks...that's just the way I roll.

Return Of The Masked Marauder

Yesterday I put out a new batch of cracked corn outside of our computer room window.
Just a little while ago I noticed through our closed drapes, a dark object moving around near the piles of cracked corn.
When I pulled the drapes opened I saw our friendly raccoon paying us another visit.
Here are some videos of her most recent visit.
You will probably be able to hear me tapping on the window and wall trying to get her attention. She did not seem to be too interested in me and was more interested in her newly found meal. I can't say that I blame her.

Our Return Home From Another Road Trip

Veronica had another work related road trip to the Mount Airy, MD area. We left on Tuesday and just got home early this morning.
We got a late start for our return home yesterday and got caught up in some of the worse traffic that we have ever seen.
It turned out to be a several mile long parking lot at times.
It looked like everyone was starting their long 4th of July weekend at the same time.
After being in the traffic for 3 hours or so and not getting anywhere, we decided that we would find a hotel and get up early the next morning. We were hoping that by getting up and getting on the road in the early morning hours, we would not encounter the amount of traffic and problems that we had previously encountered.
We got up and hit the road around 3:30AM.
Luckily the traffic was minimal and we finally got home around 7AM.
Upon returning home, we took everything out of the car, took it inside and just piled it all up on the floor.
Then it was off to bed to catch up on our sleep. Recharge the batteries for another day.
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