No Moss Growing On Our Car Tires

Veronica and I have been doing a bit of traveling for her job as of lately. First there was Herndon, VA and then it was off to Charlotte, NC.
We are preparing to go back To Charlotte, NC again. As usual we have our trusty house sitter staying at our place while we will be gone.
On the way back home from this trip, Veronica and I will be spending the night around the Burlington, NC area in order for Veronica to do some clothing shopping at the Outlet Mall.
She is in need of some clothes for her upcoming trip to Boston, where she will be attending some festivities that will be held in her honor for being one of a few people to win the company's Presidents Award. It will be a formal affair so some new "threads" are in order.
They have put her up at the 5 star luxury Boston Harbor Hotel on Rowes Wharf.
After a 3 night stay at that hotel, we have booked ourselves another hotel...the Residence Inn Boston Harbor On Tudor Wharf. We will be staying there for an additional 2 nights thus allowing Veronica and I to take a mini vacation and see some of the sights in Boston.
We will be going to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market along with a possible carriage ride around the Boston area and who knows...maybe a cupcake crawl.
Boston seems to have many bakeries in the area along with many ethnic neighborhoods that would offer up some really great food.
No matter what we do or where will end up going, it will be great just spending some quality time together and enjoy each others company.
Between the 2 aforementioned trips, I am hoping to get a few photographs taken. After the big Boston trip, the next thing will be the OBX Annual Relay For Life.
This event will keep me busy for a bit because I will be making dozens upon dozens of cookies. These cookies will be sold and all money obtained from the sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society.
More on this big event upcoming.

Sometimes I Lose Sight

Of the real reason for this blog even existing.
Sometimes my mind wanders and takes me in another direction and I write something that is silly or really unimportant.
And there have been many times in the past, that life seems to keep me so occupied that I forget to take stock of my surroundings and more importantly, count my blessings for the important people in my life and more specifically....the most important person in my life....and that would be my wife Veronica.
It is for she that this blog truly exists.
Another avenue for which to share our moments in time together..both the good times and at times the rough roads that we walked together hand in hand.
And here I am, almost 57 years old and still learning, growing and trying to mold myself into a better person. 57 years and still a work in progress. And when my days are done, I will leave this life the same as when I entered it...a work in progress.
Throughout all of the changes..both the triumphs, setbacks and failures, Veronica has stood by me and continued to love me. And believe me, there have been numerous times that I have wondered how and why.
And as the days have turned to months and the months to years, I have found that the love that I have for Veronica has become deeper and deeper. Mere words can't be written, nor words alone be spoken, to truly depict the deepest of feelings that I have for her.
Words such as best friend, wife, lover, soul mate just don't do justice to what I feel for this woman.
Unfortunately the best tool that I have available to me is the written word. Even though these written words only scratch the surface of these deeply profound feelings and emotions, I truly hope that as she reads these words, she will know and feel all of the love, the emotions and soulful connection that I have towards and with her.
I did not want the day to come where I felt regret....where I had to say to myself  ..."I would have", "I could have" and "I should have" that day won't come, because I did. simple as these words are, none come more deeply from my soul....I Love You.

The Presidents Award

Veronica recently returned from a 2 day annual meeting that her employer has her go to. Her employer is a well known big box retailer that has stores all over the world.
During this annual meeting, Veronica was surprised to learn that she  and one other employee had won The Presidents Award.
This award is for exceptional sales and customer service....a performance based award.
Besides winning a framed award, she was given several gifts.
One of the gifts that Veronica received is an upcoming trip to Boston, MA to meet with  the President of the company.
There will be a casual meet and greet along with a more formal affair, which will include an awards ceremony and sit down dinner. Veronica will also receive a special gift which she has no idea what it might be.
I will also be traveling with Veronica to Boston. Veronicas' employer will be putting her up at the Boston Harbor Hotel...a real nice hotel that sits right on Boston Harbor.
We have decided to extend the number of days that we will be in Boston and turn it into a mini vacation.
We will be going to Faneuil Hall Marketplace and going on a horse drawn carriage ride while we are in town along with whatever else tickles our fancy.....maybe a cupcake crawl is in our future.
Veronica works extremely hard on a daily basis and I am so very proud of here for winning this prestigious award.

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