A Lazy Rainy Day

Woke up this morning to some heavy rain coming down outside.
It's going to be one of those lazy rainy days.
I think that I will catch up on some programs that I missed over the last couple of days.
With our cable package, we went ahead and got a DVR. We end up missing so many of our shows during any given time and we thought it would be great to be able to tape them and watch them when we had a better opportunity. This DVR has 2 tuners built into it so that we can tape 2 shows at one time but if both shows are being taped at the exact same time, we can't watch tv on the set in our bedroom...where the DVR is set up. At least we can still watch tv on our other sets.
I like the DVR system much better than the old VCR setup that we used to deal with when trying to record shows. Modern technology is a good thing. Too bad it took us so long to catch up to what a lot of people have already been enjoying for quite some time.
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