Back From Our 2 Week Venice, Italy Vacation

Veronica and I just recently returned home from our 2 week Venice, Italy vacation.
I took well over 2000 photos while we were there so it will be a while until I have gone through and edited them all or at least the ones that I plan to post here to share with everyone.
Before I began that process I wanted to take a moment to pop in and give you an update on the garden. It is amazing what 2 weeks away will do to ones viewpoint of a garden. Everything has grown immensely as you will see. Here are some photos that I took a couple of hours ago before attending to our Memorial Day bar-b-que.
 Already have a few peppers on the plants

 And some cherry tomatoes too
 Nice sturdy and healthy tomato plant below...cherry tomato producer
 My biggest pepper plant so far to date

 Potato plants
 My carrots really grew while I was away

 More potato plants

 Below is the runt of the litter of my tomato plants...there is always one in the group
 Forget about that ole saying of "knee high by 4th of July" Some of these stalks are already chest high on me if not a little higher
 More potato plants along with some tomato plants in the middle section of this garden

 A couple of additional views of my corn crop. This years appears to be becoming a really good harvesting least to this point. Hopefully I can keep the insects and diseases at bay.

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