General Update Compared to a Captain Update

It has been a couple of days since my last blog entry so I figured that I had best write about something or else everyone would think that I fell off the face of the planet.
This Wednesday Veronica and I will head to the Virginia Beach area for my long awaited visit to my new Urologist.
This will be the visit that I will use to get him up to speed as far as all of the recent tests that I have had done, the results of those tests along with all of the other medical info needed about my Prostate issues. I am also fairly confident that during this visit, we will be scheduling me for my much dreaded Prostate Biopsy.
This should be an interesting sit down with my new Urologist.
I will let everyone know how the visit turns out.

Just got word from Sony that our new camera has been shipped...actually was shipped via FedEx on 6/2 and currently is in the Norfolk area. It should be here by Tuesday at the latest. That means I will be able to take this new camera with us to Orlando and put it through the paces to see how well it works. I will do some videos and also try the Panarama features on it.

Veronica has to go to Orlando Florida from 6/20 through 6/23. We decided that I can go with here and I went shopping on line for a cheap ticket. I really don't think that there is such a thing as a cheap ticket any more.
We will be staying in the Gaylord Palms Resort
It looks like a real nice place and luckily our new camera will be here in time to take with us for some photos of this hotel.

Not much else has been going on other than doing my walks twice a day for a total orf 7-9 miles depending on how I feel plus 2 hours worth of light weightlifting.
Feeling pretty good with all things considered.

Found a couple of photos that were left out of previous blog entries:
Here are photos of Hershel and myself while we were participating in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life several weeks back:

Here is a photo of the $19 Margarita that Veronica had when we went to see Jimmy Buffett in Virginia Beach

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