Moose On The Loose- This Is Really Cool

Ken Gauthier, a friend of ours up in Canada, sent me this video clip. My wife is a moose lover from way back. I know she will love this video. Thanks Ken, for sharing this with us.

One Of Those Dreary Days

The last couple of days I have been concentrating on cleaning up the yard. We have a couple of rather large trees that dump tons of leaves every year. Sunday I raked the leaves up in the front yard and then mowed the front yard...hopefully for the last time this season. Yesterday I cleaned up the backyard of all of the downed leaves. The only thing left is mowing the back yard for the last time. Then I retire all of my outdoor tools for about 3 maybe 4 months, at which time I get to start all over again. Today was one of those days where you just want to stay in and nap all day long. It was rainy, dreary and cooler today. Not much else has been going I said.....just one of those dreary days.

I forgot to mention this....after all of the wheeling and dealing on the price of our upcoming Alaskan Cruise, we ended up with an on board credit of $600. That can be used to pay for anything on the cruise ship....even excursions. I am almost positive that some of it will go to Veronica, for a well deserved trip to the Spa. I can see a message in her future...especially a foot message. And while she is getting that done, I might just have a Pina Colada or 2 while sitting on the deck looking for whales.
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