Fun Stuff In Vegas

Some of the characters that were in the stores display windows were fantastic

Here are some people that befriended Veronica in front of FAO Schwarz

Here were some living models displaying the stores merchandise in the window.I stood off to the side while other people were watching the models and I was watching the one on the left for a bit. It became very apparent that she did not like what she was doing...she was making all kinds of faces and looked really angry at times.

These were some of the items that were sold in one of the stores

Here are some more friends that Veronica made while we were near the M and M store

Here is Veronica with our friend Shannon

Here is Veronica and Shannon with the Red M and M

Here are photos of the outside lighting of the M and M store. This store had everything and anything to do with M and Ms

They had these large clear canisters that were filled with M and Ms and they had colors of M and Ms that I had never seen before plus they had some different coconut M and Ms

Like I said....anything and everything M and M related

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