On The Mend Again

A couple of weeks back I had a biopsy done to the left side of my inner cheek. It has finally healed up and I received the findings from the lab...an ulceration caused by trauma.
In layman's terms I grind on my cheek with the last molar while sleeping.
Then on 12/1 I I had surgery performed on my bilateral hernias. I most likely waited a bit too long to have these 2 hernias repaired and I am now paying the price for that decision. Today makes it a full week since having the operation.
This operation was performed by a doctor who used robotics to complete the surgery. My doctor made 3 small incisions..once above my belly button and two additional incisions to the right and left of my belly button. From those small incisions everything else needed to perform the procedures were done through those incisions.
For the last week I have been dealing with quite a bit of pain, swelling in my stomach, scrotum and testicles. On top of the swelling and pain is the bad bruising that happened as a result of my surgery. Everything looked bruised from my swollen and distended stomach down to my nether regions. I go back to my doctor for a followup exam on 12/19 along with having my permanent crowns being put in place.
I sure know how to show myself a good time.
Here are the photos we took just last night showing my swollen bloated and bruised stomach. The 3 incisions were closed up using some type of surgical glue.

Just prior to my surgery

A couple of views of my bruising. This type and coloration of this bruising everywhere South of the Border and I am not taking about the tourist mecca where interstate 95 and US Highway 301/501intersect in Dillon, SC

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