Isn't This Typical

Usually during the holiday season, the retail stores slap some decent prices on some of their items and on some you can actually get a good deal. Usually those good deals are few and far between but sometimes you can find a winner in the lot. All of this is done by the retailers in order to lure the customers in and have them spend their hard earned money. And usually I spend the money and try to cash in on the "bargains". This year has been very different mainly because of everything going on with the economy. People getting laid off on a daily basis, businesses closing down everywhere you turn, people losing their savings in the stock market and IRAs, houses being foreclosed upon. On and on it goes. Quite a depressing time it is nowadays. And here we are again, in the midst of another holiday season. This time the retailers are really slashing prices because of everything going on and they too are hurting. I have seen some really great deals out there on so many things that I would love to have or give to others. So what is the problem? Very money and afraid to spend what little there is. All of those goodies out there and I can't afford them. Isn't that so typical of the way things go. I supposed I could succumb to all of these temptations, dig into my file box and pull out all of the old plastic credit cards I have and blow the dust off of them. Shine them all up and get them all prepared for the onslaught that I could reign down upon the retail world. Oh the fun I could have getting my instant gratification and the havoc I could reap. Being able to instantly fulfill my every materialistic fantasy, all due to the abnormally low prices. You betcha....I could easily be talked into such an adventure. But in the end, after all of the gifts were opened, the huge plasma tv has been hung on the wall, the home theater has been completed and the last Godiva chocolate has been eaten and after all of the receipts from all of those purchases have fluttered to the ground, piling up like a 3 foot snow drift, that special time of the month comes. Those credit card statements arrive at my door step and after reading them, I know that I am in deep doo-doo. I am so broke and in so much debt that I will never see the light of day again, even if I lived to be 200 years old. But as bad as it appears, I manage a wry smile and I chuckle to myself, knowing that by standing there with my hand out, by making a simple request to our government and by claiming that I will go under by years end.....I could be freed of this burden that I created and that a magical bailout would soon be on it's way. If it is good enough for the auto companies, then by gosh it is good enough for me. I will be free of any and all obligations to make good on those payments and I get to keep all of my purchased goodies as a bonus. All of these good tidings bestowed upon me by our government just for the asking. I next season when I knowingly and willingly do it all over again...why...because I know that there is a good possibilty that Uncle Sam will be there to help me out once again....just for the asking and by merely telling them that I have learned my lesson......again.
PS- I am feeling somewhat better and slowly getting over whatever cold or bug that I caught....can you tell???
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