A Cool Aircraft Sighting

About 3 miles up the road from our place, in Kill Devil Hills, there is a rather small airstrip. This airstrip has no lights but it does have a place to park quite a few planes.
Several days ago Veronica and I were returning home from doing some errands in town and we saw this unusual helicopter flying low in the sky.
We had never seen this type of helicopter before and we found it to be really interesting to watch it.
As we drove by the small airstrip, we saw this helicopter again and this time it was either landing or just taking off.
The helicopter had 2 big propellers...one on each wing and the propeller blades were rather large.
We lost sight of this helicopter as we drove home.
The next thing we knew, this helicopter had the propellers turned in a way that it turned the helicopter into an airplane.
Upon doing some research, I found out that this aircraft is an MV-22 Osprey. Here are some photos of the aircraft:

Unfortunately I did not have my camera handy so that I could take a video of this aircraft but that won't happen again. Because of this missed photo opportunity, I took Veronica's old camera and got a new camera case for it and placed it in our vehicle. Now I will always have a camera handy if I should find something photo worthy while driving around.
Below is a movie of the aircraft changing the propeller angle so that the aircraft changes from a helicopter to and turbo prop plane. Please be patient...the aircraft will eventually take off and change the propellers angle.
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