Sometimes I Lose Sight

Of the real reason for this blog even existing.
Sometimes my mind wanders and takes me in another direction and I write something that is silly or really unimportant.
And there have been many times in the past, that life seems to keep me so occupied that I forget to take stock of my surroundings and more importantly, count my blessings for the important people in my life and more specifically....the most important person in my life....and that would be my wife Veronica.
It is for she that this blog truly exists.
Another avenue for which to share our moments in time together..both the good times and at times the rough roads that we walked together hand in hand.
And here I am, almost 57 years old and still learning, growing and trying to mold myself into a better person. 57 years and still a work in progress. And when my days are done, I will leave this life the same as when I entered it...a work in progress.
Throughout all of the changes..both the triumphs, setbacks and failures, Veronica has stood by me and continued to love me. And believe me, there have been numerous times that I have wondered how and why.
And as the days have turned to months and the months to years, I have found that the love that I have for Veronica has become deeper and deeper. Mere words can't be written, nor words alone be spoken, to truly depict the deepest of feelings that I have for her.
Words such as best friend, wife, lover, soul mate just don't do justice to what I feel for this woman.
Unfortunately the best tool that I have available to me is the written word. Even though these written words only scratch the surface of these deeply profound feelings and emotions, I truly hope that as she reads these words, she will know and feel all of the love, the emotions and soulful connection that I have towards and with her.
I did not want the day to come where I felt regret....where I had to say to myself  ..."I would have", "I could have" and "I should have" that day won't come, because I did. simple as these words are, none come more deeply from my soul....I Love You.
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