Visits By Our Deer Friends

I have not been spending much time making entries in this blog lately.
I could be suffering a case of writers block or maybe a case of not much going on that I feel is important enough to write about.
I have been keeping busy doing my workouts, walking and at times riding my new bike.
Right now I feel like someone who is on a raft just drifting along lazily on a very slow moving river...just kicking back and taking it all in at a very slow pace.
The weather around here has turned Fall-like with temps in the 60s during the day. The days seem to be getting somewhat windier. At times we have had winds blowing at 20 plus mph, which makes walking and bike riding a little less enjoyable.
With all of the exercise that I have been doing, physically I am feeling better and better as each day passes.
I have been leaving out corn for our friends, the deer, every afternoon/evening.
They seem to have got themselves into a routine and pay the corn buffet a visit at least once a day.
I will start putting the salt licks out once it starts to really get cold around here.
Below are a couple of videos I took of our deer friends as they are eating only about a foot away from our window.

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