Mother Nature Did Not Appreciate My Attempts To Warm Her Up

As stated in yesterdays blog entry, I donned my European designed Speedos, lubed myself liberally with canola oil, put on the Nutcrackers Suite for inspirational value only and did my best pirouettes out in the brutal Arctic chill that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us, here in beach country.
By the looks of what is going on today, I think that I must have really ticked Mother Nature off because she is displaying an even more brutal display of her contempt at my genuine attempts to get her to warm up a bit towards me.
 All of my attempts had really bad results. Not only was Mother Nature not amused with my antics and not even the slightest bit turned on by seeing me in that European designed Speedo, she woke me up to the sounds of the wind howling worse than it was yesterday, along with the outside temperature being even colder than yesterdays lows.
I just checked and we are having wind gusts up to 35mph and it is making the outside temperature feel like 9 degrees.
Was it something I said. How could Mother Nature not like seeing me in Speedos and all oiled up. I just don't get. I give up.
I guess I will have to ride this Winter out with those voluminous layers of clothing and a hot cup of coffee and count the days until Mother Nature decides on her own, that it is time to warm things up.
1 down...who knows how many more to go.
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