Let The Vacation Photos Begin - Our Departure Day And Day 1 In Paris

The photos below visually represents some of the many sights that we saw while on our Paris 2014 vacation. There will be many more blog entries and photos of this vacation. We took approximately 11,000 photos in Paris. It will take me some time to go through them all. If you see any photo(s) shown on my blog that you would like a high quality print of or a canvas or maybe even greeting cards please feel free to visit my photography web site. There are lots of options to fit your artistic
needs or maybe just a little something special to hang from your walls or possibly a gift for someone else. No matter what the reason please feel free to visit my photography on line store. Please note that all prints purchased will NOT have a watermark on them.
After we landed at CDG Airport in Paris, we had set up to have a van and driver to take us to our AirBnB apartment. The drive from the airport to our apartment was almost an hour. Veronica and I unpacked and then took a nap  due to jet lag. That very first day we did not do a lot of anything. The following day is when we actually started getting out and about more in Paris. So with that being said....let's get this vacation started...

We have our tickets in hand and are anxiously awaiting our departure time at JFK Airport.

It is hard to believe that we are actually going to Paris
We have boarded the plane and can't wait to take off
Ooooh nooo.....Veronica says....please tell me that it wasn't you that passed gas! She tells me that it is going to be a very long flight.
I don't know what you are talking about..I say with a smile on my face
High above the clouds
Hours later and we are almost there
This is the huge heavy door that allows you entrance into a courtyard area and up to our apartment. 

Here are photos of our apartment. Sorry about the mess but we weren't expecting guests to stop by

A church that was right next to our apartment building
One of many higher education schools that are in Paris

There are many public open air markets throughout the city

Yes they do have a McDonalds Restaurant along with a KFC. A Big Mack was like 7,50 euro..very expensive

I saw many of these things shown in the photo below. They are  rotating advertisements.

This was in a park across the street from the Musee de Cluny

Here is the Musee de Cluny
During this vacation I decided to take a lot more Black and White photos

Below are photos taken at one of many beautiful churches that we found in Paris. The church shown below is the Saint-Severin Church


Below are just a few restaurants and stores in and around the Saint -Michel area

While in Paris I noticed that there was a lot of street art, tagging and graffiti
One of the Metro stations that were near our apartment. Veronica and I became very good at using the Metro to help us get wherever we wanted to go in Paris
Below is Place Saint-Michel

Wall art was everywhere in this city

Below is what was plastered onto a wall. I guess someone wanted to voice their opinion 

 Various views of the Shakespeare and Company store. Veronica bought a book there and they put their special stamp on the inside cover of the book

There were statues of all types spread throughout the city

Here we are at Notre Dame

The Seine River runs adjacent to Notre Dame

 Below is Veronica in front of Notre Dame

I tried something differrent with the photos below to give them that spooky look to them

 More boats and floating restaurants on the Seine River

 This is the lock that Veronica had brought with us so we could attach it to the Lovers Bridge along side thousands and thousands of other locks

 Below is Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet church

 Paris had some beautiful flower shops

 This colorful sewing/knitting store was just up the block from our apartment

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