Troubled Times

Yesterday Veronica and I went to Walmart to do some shopping. While in there, I noticed that there were about 3 full rows, both sides, of Holloween items...mask, costumes and any other Holloween dress up items that you can think of. I could not believe how much Halloween items were leftover this year. This was the most by far, that I have ever seen before. And that is not to mention all of the leftover Halloween candy that they had on sale. Just goes to show you how bad and how deeply our economy is hurting. With everyone tightening their belts and keeping their budgets down to the minimum, they might be foregoing Halloween stuff and saving what they have for the holiday season. The way things appear to be going, people won't be spending near as much this holiday season. The retail stores will really have to discount their product lines and even if they do that, it will be a really rough sales time for them. For those of you that have the extra cash/plastic for holiday spending, wait long enough and there should be some great bargains to be had. As for me...just give me some coal and I will be happy. That will be a lot cheaper than the 52" 1080p plasma tv that I have been longing for.....but by getting the coal, I will save a lot of stress on worrying about paying those plastic cards off within my lifetime.
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