Arrived Safely At Our Hotel

Veronica and I finally made it to our hotel in Williamston, NC.
Williamston is about 100 miles East of our home.
Needless to say, there was a lot of traffic heading out of tow.
At the hotel we met another couple that are from Rodanthe, which is up Highway 12 on the road to Hatteras.
They too were at the hotel because of Hurricane Earl.
We will be keeping track of Hurricane Earl and the damage that it is causing watching the Weather Channel.
I am concerned that we will lose electricity for a long time...means everything in our fridges and freezers will be lost.
And then there is always the concern about wind and water damage to the place.
We have been through a category 1 hurricane a few years back, when we lived in Virginia Beach and it was a mess...mainly a lot of water on the roads. We lived about 10 miles from the ocean back then.
With this hurricane, we are talking a category 4. No telling what we can expect upon our return home.
A friend of ours called us and said that he counted about 50 utility trucks heading towards the
Outer Banks and I am sure that more will be on the way.
Here it is mainly rain or real wind as of yet.
More updates to come.

On Our Way Out Of Town

Veronica and I woke this morning to a mandatory evacuation of all residents and visitors in Nags Head.
Nags Head is just up the road from us and it is also where the T J Maxx store is located.
Veronica went in early to get the store prepared for closing.
I stayed behind and finished packing the car up and doing a few other odd jobs in preparation for Hurricane Earl's arrival.
As soon as Veronica finishes closing up the store, we will be heading out of town.
We will be staying at a hotel that is approximately 2 hours and 100 miles away from here.
I am hoping the the low pressure system that they keep taking about, arrives in time to push Hurricane Earl just a bit to the East.
I am hoping also that upon arrival back at our place, that all windows are intact and that there is no flooding in our home.
Time to get out of here.
I will try to give an update as time allows.
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