Taking Care Of Our Feathered Friends

We have a couple of bird feeder poles outside of our dining room windows. On those poles are several different types of feeders. What has been happening is that when it rains the feeders get water in them from where the feed comes out of the hopper. I had purchased some baffles that basically cover the top of the feeder. These baffles are metal and can cost upwards to $21-25 depending on their size. The metal can get very hot in the Summer sun.
I was having to take all of the feeders down and empty them because the seed was rotting from the rain getting into them. It got so bad that I was having to scrape the feeders out with a small putty knife to get all of the junk out.
I decided to get a few new hopper feeders and then after shopping around I came up with a better idea to keep the rain out of the feeders...plastic trash can lids.
I went onto Amazon and found heavy duty plastic trash can lids that fit anywhere from a 10 gallon trash can to a 50 gallon trash can.
I settled for a 32 gallon lid made by Rubbermaid which is heavy duty flexible plastic that will last throughout whatever the weather throws at it and they were relatively cheap ($11.98) for a lid that is 22 1/4" in diameter.
These should protect the seed in the feeders.

A Mulligan On Our Paint Color In The Kitchen

After having the paint color in our kitchen for almost a year it became obvious that our initial color was not a good choice. The original color was recommended to us by a designer/consultant that works at our local paint store.There wasn't enough contrast between the cabinetry color and the wall paint so everything just blended in and the cabinet colors got lost in the overall appearance. So Veronica and I went back into the paint store and she came up with a paint color that would add some punch in the contrast between the cabinet colors and the wall paint. I think she made a great choice.

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