Hi!! My Name Is Rick And I Am A Hoarder

Hi!! My name is Rick and I am a hoarder. Not necessarily in the most traditional of ways, but a hoarder none the less. There have been times where I have procured and put away some small scraps of this and that for future use. I can never know when that special occasion might arrive, when I will need those "this and thats" to aid me in my attempts to do my best MacGyver impersonation. It is during those MacGyver attempts that the full wisdom of my saving them and the total usefulness of those "this and thats" become readily and clearly apparent to all of those who happen to be around me at that time. But this isn't the hoarding that I am really talking about. My main hoarding tendencies occur when I feel the need to save a web site into "my favorites" or bookmark it on my computer. I have so many web sites saved that it sometimes takes me forever to locate that special web site when I need it. I am sure that I could do a Google search faster than it takes to scroll up and down "my favorites" list. The Google search method might be quicker, but that would take away the need for the "my favorites" list and we all know that a true hoarder would not delete or get rid of any of those saved web sites. Besides the usual numerous financial sites, I have saved the shortcuts to weather sites for both the US and Canada, all of the major network sites for catching up on missed episodes...no Tivo here, Mega Millions web site...like I stand a chance in hell of winning anything above and beyond those slips of paper that my loser numbers are printed on, assorted fishing gear manufacturers, bunches of travel related sites and that includes all of those 3rd party sites that sell supposedly discounted airline tickets, car rental and hotel rates, computer wallpaper sites, interesting travel locations that I would love to visit one of these days, trip insurance sites to go along my travel sites, currency converter site, a shoe size converter site for converting mens shoe sizes to a womans size and vise versa..the vice versa was the real reason for saving that site..to convert Veronica shoe size into a mans shoe/boot size...and no I do not where women's shoes but thank you for asking, auto club site, tv guide site, jewelery sites, weekly ad circular sites for checking out the latest ads at our local grocery stores and many of the ads in the other 49 adjoining states and a Federal District, you tube, amazon.com, web sites that show the lyrics to some of my favorite songs, real estate property sites, my Luzianne instant coffee site...where I have to order my special Luzianne instant coffee with chicory...love the taste of that chicory, assorted photo sites, of course my frequently visited blog sites, an online rebate site, numerous sports and news sites, the Verizon web site...boy I have needed this site quite a number of times over the last 6-8 months or so...read earlier blog entries about that, an old time candy site, postal service sites, medical sites, many health sites and on and on it goes. I think you get the overall idea. I hardly ever delete one of these sites that are in "my favorites" list. Last time i had a long list of "my favorites" that was stored on my computer, that computer crashed and I lost all of those shortcuts to so many web sites that I was crushed and devastated. I had to start all over again on this computer but this time I had to make "my favorites" list twice as long as before. And because of my fear that this computer will crash someday in the future, I clicked on one of my stored "my favorites" sites...amazon.com and purchased a whole computer portable backup drive. NEVER AGAIN will I lose all of those important web sites that have been saved on "my favorites" when this computer decides to crash. All of the aforementioned web sites are important to me...maybe not right this minute but they could be tomorrow or the next day or the next day after that!!!! Yes indeed...my name is Rick and.....I am a hoarder.
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