Last Day of Vacation

Yesterday was Friday and it was the last day of our 2009 Canada vacation. I woke up yesterday morning finally feeling somewhat better and to a sunny day......finally!!!!! It had been a long rainy weary week up to that point. Veronica and I spent the morning fishing for walleye. We caught some nice sized fish. Several in the 22-23 inch range. We also caught enough smaller fish for our dinner. After fishing for walleye, I spent some time fishing for musky. Darcy, our guide, took us to several locations and at one spot, we were able to get a large musky to move to the boat. Based on what Darcy could see of the fish, she was about 55" if not a little more. We were able to raise several musky but none hit our lures. We returned to our cabin and had a final walleye dinner. After dinner, I went out with Darcy in one last attempt to catch my trophy musky. The lake is really peaceful as the sun starts to set and night time approaches. Although I did not catch my trophy musky that night, I knew that I was leaving having learn a lot more about the techniques needed to catch them and knowing that I had got much better at my casting and lure presentation, when retrieving my lure to the boat.
I ended the night knowing that it was not going to be "if" i caught a musky but "when" I catch one. It is going to happen, just not on this trip. Upon returning to our cabin, my friend, Ken Gauthier, was their awaiting my arrival from my evening trip. It was really great talking to Ken and catching up on each others lives and talk fishing. Unfortunately the time passed by very quickly and before we knew it, it was going on 11. Ken is one of the few people up in Canada that I really feel connected to. Thanks Ken. It was great seeing you again. Until the next and your family take care.
Veronica and I woke up around 7 this morning and finished packing up all of our fishing gear and packing our suitcases for our return home. We will be driving back to International Falls today and staying the night there. Tomorrow we will be flying back home, arriving there around 11 PM.
I will post some photos and video as soon as time permits.
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