60th Birthday Coming Up

Tomorrow is my 60th birthday so tonight my Dad and Veronica took me to Home Depot where they surprised me with a birthday gift of a Weber Spirit 210 Grill with a cover and a on handle light. Our last grill was a huge 5 burner with another side burner...35,000 btu and large enough to grill for an Army plus with it being such a gas hog it had to go. I had looked at these fairly new Weber Spirit models and really liked the smallest of them all. Only 2 burners which is just the right size for 3 of us. What is really cool about this model is that they have a removable circular part in the middle of the grill grates. They make several different types of cooking surfaces that fit in this circular area. With really nice gifts like this and I think that I will make sure that every birthday I will be turning 60. Thank you Dad and Veronica...the fantastic gift is greatly appreciated.

Move Almost Completed

Although 90% of our belongings, or what was left of our belongings after downsizing, we still have some stuff left at our place on the Outer Banks. Yesterday we brought up 2 car loads of stuff and late last night we had got one car emptied and its contents put away where they belong. Today we will tackle the other car. We will be going back to our place on the OBX on Wed evening after dinner. Since Veronica's start date at her new store in the Virginia Beach area isn't until approximately the end of July we will have plenty of time to bring the remainder of our stuff up in weekly trips to our new home.
There are just a few piles of things in each room with the majority of items coming from our master bathroom. We have an inflatable bed set up in our old place along with our TV. It sure does look different with almost everything out of the old place.
I will also need to start cleaning up the place so that we can get our deposit back. I will probably move everything into one room so that I can work on the other rooms during the cleanup process.
On another note...Veronica and I will be celebrating our 18th Anniversary on the 28th of this month.
She is the love of my life and I could not have wished for a better person to share this journey through life with. A little early I know but Happy Anniversary honey!!!
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