Wednesday the 30th 0f September

Today we went to Dollywood. Since we had 2 day tickets, we decided to take our time and enjoy seeing all of the sights at a little slower pace than what we usually do. This gave me an opportunity to take lots of photos and videos.

Off course before entering Dollywood, we wanted to freshen up a bit.

Here is one of the many craftsmen that put on demonstrations in Dollywood
This is a ride that Veronica went on. I stayed behind and took photos. Never did get on it, being the big wuss that I am.

Now THIS is THE RIDE that I should have been a wuss about getting onto. We went on this first thing in the morning and there was no one else around. We had no idea what this ride was like or all about. We figured that it was some easy going roller coster ride in an Old Mine setting...after all....we were in Dollywood and they never would put in a really scary coaster in Dollywood. Boy were we wrong!!!! This is one of those types of coaster rides that somewhere during the ride, you end up on your back going straight up and then come straight down....and I mean straight down...there was some serious air time involved. It went straight up twice, with the second time going straight up even higher than the first time. This was definitely one of the scariest coasters either Veronica or I had ever gone on. We were both shaken up a bit upon returning to solid ground.

As soon as we got off of the dreaded Mystery Mine coaster, we had relieve ourselves and fast. Unfortunately the public bathrooms were occupied.

They have many craft stores in Dollywood and one of our all time favorites is the wood crafters store. They carry some absolutely beautiful have crafted wood items in this store. We just love the hand carved fireplace mantels along with so many other hand carved items that they have. We could really spend some serious money in this store...if we really had some serious money with us.

There was a section of hand carved wooden holiday statues and ornements. These hand carved items were done by a Russian artist. They were really beautiful. I could not believe it but this item cost over $800.00 The picture does not do this item justice.

These are replicas of some of the rooms that were in a really small house that Dolly Parton grew up in.

Water mill in Dollywood
I saw this area and I just had to take a photo of it. This is an area that I would have spent lots of time in, just a few years ago. Now I walk right by it and never give it a second thought. Very liberating to have that monkey off of my back.
Several statues that are in Dollywood

This is Dolly Partons tour bus. We never went into it because they only let a few people on at a time and the line to get onto the bus moves very slowly.
These are some more hand carved items that were in the Wood carvers store. you can click on any photo and it will enlarge for you.

They had several bird exhibits in Dollywood. These are just a few of the many birds that they have there.

This fire pit was in an iron works exhibition in Dollywood

This is one of the rides in Dollywood and I thought that it would be cool to film while on the ride.

Below are excerpts of a show called Sha-Kon-O-Hey!—Land of Blue Smoke! Here is a link for more information.... Sha-Kon-O-Hey

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