The First Flowers Of The Year

With Spring time upon us, I have been starting to do my outside yard work. I mowed the yard for the first time of the year and boy was it tough. The grass was pretty high so it took me a while to get it done. I have also placed the mulch in all of the gardens and I planted a couple of Hostas around our Weeping Cherry tree in the front yard. Last but not least...I got the fountain and lights set up for the year. I always turn the fountain and fountain lights off during the winter months. I actually pull the under water lights out of the fountain along with the pump. I store them in a plastic container on the ground, in the garden, right next to the fountain itself. I also end up painting the fountain sections every year...just to keep them fresh looking. I hope that you enjoy the first flowers of the year...all daffodils. To get a close up view, just click on the picture. That will enlarge it.

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