The Countdown Continues

The countdown for our upcoming vacations continues. Veronica and I have only 36 days until we fly out of Norfolk and head up to Minneapolis, at which time we will pick up our rental car and then drive approximately 6 hours to International Falls, MN.
We will spend the night in International Falls and get up early the next morning, get some groceries, pass through customs and enter Canada. Once in Canada we will drive approximately 3 hours to Dryden. In Dryden we will get the rest of our provisions for our weeks stay. From Dryden we will drive approximately 30-40 minutes to Stanley's Resort on beautiful Eagle Lake.
One fun filled week spent in nature, fishing and quality time with Veronica. Who could ask for anything more. And this trip is kind of like a warm up vacation for our "real" vacation.....
Our big vacation for the year starts in 83 days with the first 3 days in Venice, Italy and then boarding the NCL Jade for a 14 day cruise which will first take us to several Greek Islands such as Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and then to the mainland to Olympia. From there we go back to Venice where we will have the day to discover the small venetian lagoon islands of Burano...where the famous lace is made and Murano...where the famous glass is made. After spending the day in Venice, we return to the ship and once again board for our next 7 day departure. The next 7 days of this journey will be spent visiting Slovenia, 2 locations in Croatia, Messina, Naples and then we dock in Rome where we will be shuttled to the airport for our return flight home.
While we are in Naples, Veronica and I decided to take an excursion that will take us up the Amalfi Coast to Solerno and Sorrento...this excursion actually includes a boat ride off of the Amalfi Coast too.
Unfortunately we won't have any time to spend discovering the splendors of Rome on this trip because of the time our flight leaves. This will give us an excuse to have to return to Italy sometime in the we really will need any excuse.

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