Last Trip To The Outer Banks Coming Up

Lately our lives have been very hectic. Veronica has started working at her new store. I have been taking my Dad to all of his dialysis treatments along with numerous trips to other doctors appointments. Dad is having cataract surgery coming up next week so that will add to an already busy schedule.
Veronica and I will be heading back down to the Outer Banks to do our final cleanup of our place down there and then we will stop by the management company to drop off our keys.
We do have some excitement coming up later on in September. Veronica and I will be going back to Venice, Italy for a couple of days prior to boarding the NCL Jade in Venice. We will be taking A Mediterranean cruise which will last almost 2 weeks. We will be in a balcony cabin in the aft section of the ship. Our cruise will include stops in Croatia, Turkey and the Greek Isles. I will be writing about our daily activities and visits to various ports on our trip and posting quite a few photos showing our adventures during this vacation. We are really looking forward to this vacation.

Cleanup Is Completed

Veronica and I spent our last 3 nights at our place in the Outer Banks. Veronica had a few days left to work in her store and spent the time doing final cleaning and painting of our place so that we can pass final inspection and get our deposit back. Yesterday we had the carpets cleaned and the we headed up to our new residence in Virginia Beach. We will be going back to our place on the Outer Banks one last time and that will be to complete any touch up cleaning along with packing up some cleaning items that we had left in the place. After all remaining cleaning is complete we will drop our keys off at the management company and be on our way out of town for good.
Unfortunately an health issue came up while we spent the last days at the place. I was laying in bed when all of a sudden I could feel the building up of acid indigestion or gas just under my sternum. In the next few hours I had taken enough anti gas and anti acid pills to last a lifetime. The pain was extreme in my upper abdomen. It was painful to even touch an area under my sternum. I also developed an extremely painful area around my left shoulder, more specifically around and under my left scapula. At first I could not figure out what was going on and then it dawned on me. I remembered that in the last couple of cat scans that I have had done there was mention of two existing hiatal hernias. These had not given me any issues up to this point and ow here I was after countless trips back and forth, loading and unloading our vehicle, dragging furniture up and down stairs, dealing with box after box of our packed up items and now that our journey was finally coming to a close my body decides to give out. I guess that it could be worse. It could have happened earlier in the move which would have really hindered my ability to do everything that I needed to get done. So for our first official day at our new residence I get to see my Internal Medicine doctor to see what I can do about these two hernias and hopefully take care of them without the need of surgery. Hopefully she can give me something because I have not had much sleep since this issue started acting up.

Returning Home One Last Time

Tonight Veronica and I will be heading back to our place on the Outer Banks. Veronica has just a few days left to work at her store there and I have a few days to finish cleaning up whatever is left over from my last visit. I still have a couple of rooms left to clean up so we can get our deposit back. We also have a carpet cleaning service coming on Wednesday the 12th. We will be returning our keys into the management company at the end of the month and that will wrap up that chapter of our lives. It was interesting living on the Outer Banks with our most memorable times being the couple of hurricanes that went through the area while living there.
Veronica had a good birthday. We went to Ruths Chris and had a great meal and then saw the Cirque du Soleil production Kooza. It was a great show held under a huge circus style tent. Luckily the air conditioning was working well because it was really hot and muggy out. We were seated 3rd row from the front and basically centered to the stage. I would highly recommend seeing Kooza if you get the opportunity. Seeing it in a huge tent and it being a travelling show added a whole new dimension to the show.

The Finish Line Is Almost Upon Us

After the longest separation since our marriage Veronica is back up here in Virginia Beach. Due to the facts that she is still working on the OBX and I am continuing to take Dad for his dialysis 3 times a week along with taking him to all of his other doctors appointments we had to go through a long stint of being away from each other. She is now on vacation which will give her the chance to relax a little bit and do things she enjoys doing but hasn't had much opportunity to do for several months, sewing, embroidery and art work. After this week we will return to our OBX place where Veronica will work he last few days in her store down there and I will finish up the cleaning in our place in order to get our deposit back. Our lease is not up until the end of this month so the last time we will go down there after this next trip will be on the last day of our lease, which is 8/31. At that time we will return our keys to the management company along with turning the electric off and getting the water bill out of our name.
Veronica's Birthday is on Tuesday. I plan on taking her to Ruths Chris and then to a Cirque du Soleil show which starts at 8. This show will be much different from any others that we have seen. This will be the first travelling show that goes from city to city. It is also the first show that we have seen that will be held under a huge tent. It is supposed to be air conditioned and I sure hope it is. It is supposed to be in the high 90s on Tuesday. If the a/c isn't good there will be a lot of miserable and wilted people due to the heat.
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