Now This Really Pisses Me Off

I just stumbled upon this story and I could not help myself from sharing it with you before I sign off for vacation. Here is the first part of the story Why Do Young Boys Abuse Animals? and here is a followup story RCMP Can't Confirm Moose Calf Was Chased And Beaten Sounds like the witnesses have changed their minds to cover up these juveniles actions.

Snakes And Sex Experiment Results

On 7/31, I posted an entry about an experiment that I was going to conduct. This experiment was going to compare how many people come to my blog looking to view my "Worlds Largest Snake Found Dead" blog entry versus my blog entry titled " Is KKK the new C Cup? I Sure Hope Not!!!". After 2 weeks of this experiment, I must admit that I am somewhat perplexed at the outcome. It seems that there has been more than twice the interest in snakes, than there was for size KKK breast. Snakes....and dead ones to boot, beating out breast. Who would have thought that!!! Good thing that I am not a gambling man. I would have lost the farm on this one.
Well, I have finished up some last minute jobs that I needed to complete and now I just have to wait for tomorrow to arrive. We head to the airport bright and early. Tomorrow will be a long day but by the time 5 o'clock comes, Veronica and I will be eating at our favorite restaurant in International Falls....The Chocolate Moose. With a little luck, I will have some great photos and some tall tales, of a fishy nature, to share with you. See you on the flip side.
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