It's Turtle Time

I went outside a few minutes ago and saw this big guy cruisin across the drive in front of our place. Took a few quick photos with Veronicas' camera and then I left him alone so that he could be on his way. I went back outside with my camera to take a few more photos and this guy was long gone. I looked all over the place but could not find him. Must of had some jack rabbit DNA in him/her.

She Is Back At Home Where She Belongs

Today Veronica and I went to the Dare County Arts Council building in Manteo, so that we could pick up Veronique and bring her back home where she belongs. While packaging Veronique up for her journey back home, we received the blue ribbon for the Excellence Award along with an envelope.
I did not open the envelope until we had reached our car and have stored Veronique in the back of the vehicle.
Upon opening the envelope I found the letter that is shown below. I also found a check enclosed within the envelope. I figured that it might be a check for $50 at most for getting 1st place and winning the Excellence Award. When I looked at the check, I had originally thought it was for $25 but upon further inspection I realized that the decimal point was over to the right one space. The check was for $250.00. can you believe that. Not only did I win the Excellence Award along with a blue ribbon, a nice letter from the Dare County Arts Council containing the judges impression of my art piece but I also won $250.00.
A good day indeed!

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