Working Hard And Shedding Weight

It has been a little while since I have written anything. That is not that unusual during the late Spring and Summer months. During this time period I am usually more active and outside a lot more.
I have been focusing on losing some weight that I had packed on over the Winter months. Although I was able to continue my weightlifting routines in the garage during the Winter months for the most part, I was not able to continue my morning walks due to various medical issues.
I am still dealing with one of those issues...the torn meniscus in my left knee.
I have been continuing my walks with this injury to see if my knee will hold up for our upcoming trip to Canada in August and our NCL Med cruise in October.
I have pushed my knee pretty well doing over 7.5 miles on a few occasions.
Unfortunately as of lately I have developed some bothersome hip issues....most likely over compensation on my bodies part for the knee injury.
I am now setting a 3 mile limit on my walks along with icing my knee and hip down along with taking an anti-inflammatory for the swelling. Hopefully that will get the left hip issue to calm down enough that I can once again walk further.
The warmer weather has finally arrived here which I need in order for me to be able to shed weight. This is one thing my body needs for the weight loss process to work.
So far I have lost a solid 13 pounds and I am working on losing about 5 more but I also want to gain more lean muscle mass. So as long as any weight gain is muscle from the lifting, I will be happy.
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